Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bouquet of Broccoli

Never before have I posted a garden update in January.

*Brief pause for a momentary back pat*

This year-round gardening thing has worked out well. Although many of the crops planted for the fall/winter version of our edible backyard didn't work out as planned, we spent the weekend up to our ears in broccoli.

I think we ended up with 19 plantings and we cut heads from most of them last week. We enjoyed a delicious serving of steamed broccoli with a chicken dinner to kick off the New Year and all but one Bauer approved {...Owen}. Then we moved to the processing part of our harvest. We cut, blanched, and froze enough goodness to last until the ground is ready to plant more. Unfortunately there are no photos of this step, but you can close your eyes and imagine a bunch of broccoli florets dancing about in a big pot of boiling water. I know. It's glorious.

Although this has been my first experience actually harvesting vegetables in January, this month has always signaled the beginning of the growing season for me. Various seed catalogs will soon be shoved into my mailbox and my eyes will dance at the new varieties, bright colors, and promise that spring draws nearer. Plans are already swirling around my brain for double the amount of cucumbers, never-before-tried tomato varieties, and a first attempt at backyard potatoes.

In keeping with the theme of the year, homegrown will play a bigger part of my family's diet in 2016. I have yet to physically sketch any garden plans because that just makes me more anxious for the spring plant. However, you can trust that all members of my family may already be tired of hearing about vegetables.

But you aren't, right? You like hearing about gardening, right? Right?!

Hope you're having a happy hump day, friends. Also, do tell: How does your January garden grow?

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Unknown said...

The hubby just asked me what I would do if we had that money that the powerball is giving away. I told him I would quit my job, buy a new house with a big yard, and plant a huge garden! I love reading your garden posts. It makes me jealous that I don't have enough determination to actually get one going.

Jessica Bauer said...

Thank you, Karen! And I will definitely help in whatever way you want to get you a garden started this spring. I think between your kids you'd have some pretty good help. I can see Ting taking it on as a project of her own!

Unknown said...

Awesome! I hope to plant something this spring. I love the thought of eating food from my own yard. I think our backyard has a couple good spots for a bed.

Jessica Bauer said...

Get to it, Renee! I had zero idea what I was doing when I first started the hobby, but I have learned SO much from the past five seasons. It's definitely a figure it out as you go kind of thing, but I'd be happy to answer any questions when you get started. Thanks for reading!