Monday, January 4, 2016

One Little Word

Be it ever so humble {and surrounded by kids and chickens}, there's no place like home.

I've boarded the One Little Word train annually since 2013. This is a one-word resolution claimed on January 1 to provide a more directed purpose to everyday life. I've made big proclamations each year about a consistent series wherein I update you on the progress of living toward my new-found direction, but I've basically forgotten about it a few weeks in.

Yet here I am, trying again.

For 2016, however, I'm going down a different stream. Instead of tossing out an adjective I want to become or a verb I want to get done, my word is more of a theme for my life/blog. My OLW for 2016 is home. This year I want to focus on the roots I'm putting down. Not just the literal ones in my garden, but the ones on the other side of that yellow door. I want to pull back my focus to live where I am and love where I am. I want 2016 to be homemade and homegrown and more vested in homesteading. I want to appreciate the family waiting inside and the safe feeling that comes from the place we've built together. Home isn't just a house to me, it's a feeling, and I vow to embrace it this year.

A word like "home" leaves room for interpretation, and hopefully I'll use that to my advantage as I keep you updated. The best part of my day is turning off the pavement and onto my gravel driveway. There's a lot to celebrate in this life, but the comfort of home is what brings me peace. I need to get lost in that.

The grass may look greener on the other side, but the grass on this patch of earth is all mine. I want to nurture it, enjoy it, and focus on what we've made of it. It's actually pretty sweet, y'all.

There you have it folks. What's your word or theme for 2016? I'm sure it's a good one!

For the curious, here are my past words:

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Unknown said...

Love your word. Sometimes it's hard to remember to appreciate what is inside our own four walls. What a great focus for the new year.

Rachel Hough said...

What a wonderful word for 2016. This was mine a few years ago. It helped me so much. Focusing on home, not just the physical location, but the emotional one as well is a perfect thing to do!

Jessica Bauer said...

Thanks, girls! I'm going to give it my best shot. Hopefully 2016 will be a year of relaxing, enjoying, and being satisfied with where I am.