Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dear March

It's one of my favorite months, y'all.

March brought my middle son, it means warmer air and longer days, and every year like clockwork it produces the happiest season. Sometimes it's a fickle month that brings a blanket of snow to cover the fresh clover and break our hearts, but {knock on wood} it seems the groundhog was right. I basically wrote a love letter to March yesterday so today I'm lining out what I'm looking forward to in March 2016. Let's go!

GARDEN. Oh my goodness, I am raring to get my hands in that dirt. Dirt is my favorite, and I miss it. I miss the smell of tomato plants, the joy of first cucumbers, and the hope that lies in a newly seeded bed. Also, this year I'll add beating meddling chickens with a broom to that list. Pumped.

BIRTHDAY. Owen will be five on Thursday. He will be a whole hand. He will be the acceptable age for kindergarten. I still don't want to talk about it.

SPORTS. Nathan is a few years removed from his peewee days, but Owen's first season is about to get going. I'm also looking forward to high school games starring several of my youth group kids. (and also stadium nachos...)

WEDDING. My sister-in-law has given me a brother-in-law! They were married in a private ceremony in January and we will be partying it up with a reception this month. Preston has been an instant addition to our family and Owen is obsessed with him. Stage Five Clinger obsessed {Sorry, Uncle Preston}.

BREAK. Spring Break is right around the corner and while we don't have huge plans, I know the zoo is a must. Nora June has never been and her face alone will be worth the hefty admission.

HOLY WEEK. Easter is one of my favorite holidays and I'm not just talking about snagging a chocolate bunny ear. Easter and the Week leading up to it is my favorite time of year in church. Those days not only bring the most beautiful liturgies, these days are the basis for my religion. Not only did Jesus give us an empty tomb, he carried his own cross to his death. It's sad, it's somber, but it's the reason we get to live.

There's my March in a nutshell. The countdown to spring has me so giddy I just might come back and post cute photos from the aforementioned events. You never know, really. So what's in your planner for March? Share in the comments, especially if you're craving dirty fingernails. Happy Saturday, y'all.

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Katharine said...

What a cheery post! I can tell you are really jazzed. :)
Our March will be in "quick time" as we will have all our normal activities such as working outside the home(him, not me) and tutoring twice a week (me). But we also plan a huge trip to some sort of rodeo in Houston, plus we'll entertain several family members the next week.
Which means that while I'm gone, I'll also need to be cleaning house and making beds. Think I can bi-locate? ;)