Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dirt Therapy

Our Spring Break started out a little broken.

You remember that one post when I detailed the exciting plans we had made for the kids' week off school? Well, I forgot to factor in Nora getting strep throat. I could tell she was feeling puny at the Jonquil Festival and she was feverish all weekend, but a Monday trip to the doctor proved it was more than a bug. The major bummer in this turn of events was that my kid-free days turned into one-kid days {which, honestly, was still an improvement}. On Tuesday, I took one for the team and snuggled my baby while the rest of the family went to the zoo.

Don't feel too sorry for me, though. I understand that it was a zoo trip during Spring Break on a cloudless morning. This equates to about 23,985 parents and kids chasing each other and making monkey noises. I was okay with a day of Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig. Thankfully Uncle Preston took pictures and the boys brought home a pink penguin.

Nora is feeling better now after a few days of medicine, so yesterday I took her outside to begin a new season. As soon as I began pulling weeds from the strawberry bed and uncovered the rich, black soil beneath, my Spring Break started to come together. I found a whole ecosystem of life that had been covered and forgotten. Tiny white blooms clung to the still-surviving plants ready to wake up and take a drink. Nora knelt beside me to help yank out the dead plants and make space for new ones. We renovated the bed while laughing and comparing dirty fingernails. A fellow blogger recently posted this article sharing a study of the antidepressant property of soil microbes. I am a firm believer. This is my happy place and there's your scientific backer.

Getting my hands dirty for the first time threw open windows of my brain that had been shut tight for months. The gears are cranked and turning for spring and summer planting. I can see that big rectangle of dirt come to life and I can smell the strong scent of plant life taking over. It started with just a few strawberry plants, but that dirt therapy did me a world of good. I suppose Spring Break hasn't been so bad.

Have you introduced your hands to garden soil yet this year? If not, today is a great day for it.
Go get dirty!

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