Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter With My Peeps

As we were riding the highway home after a lovely Saturday spent dyeing eggs with family, a voice piped up from the back seat.

"Mom, do you know what the best part about Easter is?" I asked Nathan to clarify, and he replied: "That Jesus loved us so much that He sacrificed Himself on the cross." Beaming with parental pride, I gave my eldest son the proper praise and felt satisfied in the fact that I hadn't completely commercialized this holy holiday. After a few minutes of silence and several glances back and forth with Jonathan, a new voice piped up. A smaller one.

"When the Easter Bunny opens the door, is he going to look at me or touch me? Do you think he could just leave the presents really fast and not come into my room?

You win some, you lose some. The conversation darted back and forth between Jesus and the Bunny with a decision that the one bearing chocolate probably won't break and enter, but use magic through the window. It's worth noting that the conversation included a prophecy that when Jesus returns, Santa will watch over us because he lives in Heaven, too. I promise Owen will get it all worked out eventually.

Happy Easter, y'all! The Bauer Bunch had a great weekend in perfect spring weather. We were able to hang out with all four grandparents plus an aunt and a brand-new uncle. The rest of my dad's family joined us Sunday afternoon and we stuffed our faces with ham and bunny-shaped crescent rolls. Also, you should know there were baby chick deviled eggs and a bunny cake. Pinterest didn't see this family coming.

As for the egg dyeing, I have to say it was one of the most successful rounds I've ever seen. No one spilled a cup, no one dipped a hand in a cup, and no one drank from a cup. We also tested out the backyard brown eggs for the first time and the colors came out beautifully. It was a score all around. Nora was very excited to dye her own eggs and you can tell by the ratio of pink to the other colors.

Other Easter happenings surrounded a grownup Big Wheel. Uncle Preston picked one up on his way down south to see if he could out-drive Nathan and Owen on their drifting trikes and Nora in her cozy coup. Every adult who maneuvered it was able to make it go and not hurt themselves, but we need more practice. Give us time, though, give us time.

We also took several attempts at getting a five-member family photo with all of us looking in the same direction. I'd say we got pretty close, and if you look at all four of these photos at the same time, it's not half bad.

Between the Easter Bunny and two candy-happy grandmas, these three kids made out like bandits. We are just a box of Goobers away from opening a concession stand. Don't worry, though, I am happy to help. How was your Easter? Did your kids make it to school on time Monday morning? Did you eat Peeps for breakfast?

Happy Easter from our bunch to yours. Thank you family, for your great love, thank you Jesus, for your greatest love, and thank you Easter Bunny, for not getting too close.

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