Monday, March 21, 2016

Fun at the Festival

We had three motives when we rolled into the packed parking lot at the Jonquil Festival on a blustery Saturday afternoon.

1. Bouncy slides.
2. Corn dogs.
3. Flowers to pose beside.

After a good hour navigating through the hundreds of people who also thought Historic Washington State Park was the place to be, we completed all missions. There may have been some illegal flower picking and long-line whining, but we absolutely did our festival trip justice.

We dined like kings and queens after we let the boys spend their hard-earned cash on trips through the blow-up playground. Nora wasn't feeling great this weekend, but she perked up at the idea of her own foot-long corn dog {which she proceeded to eat like an ear of corn for some reason}. Owen's funnel cake made him dance, and the lemonade was worth shelling out an extraordinary number of bills. All-around festival success, if you ask me.

The shopping was great this year, too. Our haul included two marshmallow guns {Owen happens to be at the exact height to pelt me in the backside, FYI}, a smaller pop gun for sister, homemade soaps, stuffed snakes, and one tiny toy turtle. We didn't load down the car too bad, but we unloaded our wallets fairly quickly. It's a small price to pay for family time and fresh air tinged with the scent of fried.

Once we checked through our festival bucket list, we had one last stop. Photographic evidence. The jonquils were gorgeous this year, but saw their peak a couple weeks ago. We did find a patch to frolic through, however, and maybe trample just a little bit. The mission was to get at least one picture of all three kids standing together and looking toward the camera, and I did exactly that. I just got one.

This weekend brought not only the Jonquil Festival, but the official start to my favorite season. On a related note, the Spring Equinox happened to fall on the International Day of Happiness. I know the blue skies, vibrant blooms, and refreshing spring breezes prompt such a joyous mark on the calendar, but if you ask me, I think it was the corn dogs.

Happy Monday, y'all, and HAPPY SPRING!

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