Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Girls Weekend: No Kids Allowed

There are moments in parenthood when must reach your arm up through piles of Pop Tart crumbs and empty Carpi Suns and wave the white flag.

I reach this boiling point often, but I recently fixed it by recharging in one of the best ways I know how: by leaving. It wasn't nearly as dramatic as throwing clean undies in the car and driving into the sunset, but the matter was just as pressing. Two of my bloggers-turned-buddies and I had been talking about trading the mom life for a girls' weekend, and we knew it wouldn't happen until we tacked it onto the calendar. So we tacked it. We found a little lakeside cabin in Hot Springs and put our names down for the last weekend in February.

Then we watched the minutes drag slower with each passing day.

Fast-forward through a grueling number of weeks and I jumped for joy when Karen and Alicia pulled into my driveway. Armed with zero diapers, zero blankies, and maybe a brown bag special, we lit up the highway. The weekend was spent laughing into all hours of the night, wasting the days with no responsibilities, and enjoying long dinners with cocktails and no highchairs. It was bliss. Here's what we did by way of bullet points:

  • We went to Fat Bottomed Girls for cupcakes. We drove them up into the mountains, sat down at a picnic table with our solo community fork, and went to heaven. Best cupcakes I've ever tasted. Allow me to recommend the Creme Brulee.

  • We sat in the lobby of the Backporch Grill for an hour and I believe the entertainment provided as people poured in from the horse races was as good as the dinner {and the dinner was incredible}. Did I mention we sat down to dinner at 9:00? Who do we think we are?

  • We tried not to fall off the top of the Hot Springs Mountain Tower. It was a success!

  • We sat on the couch in our rental and talked about all we needed to accomplish that day... and then we stayed in our pajamas for two more hours. And it DID NOT EVEN MATTER.

  • We barely turned on the television, but I don't think it was ever silent in that cabin. We had been collecting various in-person stories for months and we spilled. No censorship required.

  • We had time to not only browse the Wal-Mart beauty aisle, we actually purchased face masks and sat around wearing them like nobody's business.

  • We took to downtown Hot Springs on the first gorgeous day of 2016 with no agenda. We walked up the street making note of where we wanted to shop and took our time browsing on the way back down. We even decided we were hungry with no consideration for anyone but ourselves and ducked into a diner for some delicious late afternoon sandwiches.

  • We spent a fair amount of time in a soap store, standing around smelling soap. No one pulled on our shirts. No one spilled the giant tubs of bath salt. No one ate anything.

I'll sum it up with a simple question: When can we go back? Thank you, Alicia and Karen, for the friendship you've given me beyond blogging. I feel lucky to have met you both, and I'm ready for our next adventure. Thank you, Hot Springs, for the beautiful weekend and relaxing accommodations. Thank you, Jonathan, for making it a whole 48 hours without me. And finally, thank you, dear children, for driving me crazy enough to be in desperate need of such a fun weekend.

How do you do girls' weekend? Share in the comments as I vaccuum up Cheeto dust and petrified French fries.
Yes, it's back to business as usual.

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Unknown said...

WooHoo! Best weekend I've had in a LONG time. I'm ready to scribble the next one onto my calendar already.

Unknown said...

So excited y'all got to have a great time!!!!

Ashley Ponder said...

So jealous! It looks like y'all had a wonderful time. I found your blog through the Arkansas Women Bloggers link up. Glad I found you and your bunch!

Jessica Bauer said...

It was a MUCH needed break and a week later, I'm already in need of another. :) Welcome, Ashley! Thanks for stopping by and reading!