Friday, March 4, 2016


It's about time to wipe the sleep out of my eyes over here, I think.

Maybe you've noticed {or maybe you haven't, which is okay, too}. but there hasn't been much recent action in my designated spot on the Internet. Don't fret, this is not another brave reintroduction to blogging wherein I make promises and vow to entertain. This is simply a bounce back from hibernation.

Like a bear stumbling out of a cave into the sunlight, I felt drawn to once again put letters on a blank screen. Ta-dah!

Let me level with you, the time of year between Christmas and now is not my favorite. In fact, it's the worst. I fully believe the dreary, leafless days of winter are soul-sucking and they do a number on my ability to do things. Like go outside. Or stay focused. Or get dressed. Or... blog. I feel like my mind hibernates most of January and February. Sure, I wake up when the year rolls over to make grand announcements and renew my direction. Then I realize it's still cold and the garden is still dead.

After several weeks hiding beneath piles of blankets and hours of reruns, I start noticing. Jonquils start to dot the lazy highway of my work commute. The tulip tree in my yard transformed from death to shocking pink life overnight. Buds are forming. Grey skies are blue. The sun is warmer, the grass is greener, and the chickens are laying again! Hallelujah, inspiration! Spring slips in quietly, but that girl knows how to make an entrance.

I know it happens in the same pattern every year, but the first signs of spring save me. This is my New Year. This is my fresh start.

I didn't exactly avoid writing this post as a valiant return, so I'll end with a Bauer kid and/or livestock update, just in case you're a little curious:
Nathan: He's still loving the third-grade, especially on popcorn chicken and library day. He's also still rocking his piano lessons and he's very close to advancing past me. He's a quick learner, that one.
Owen: My baby boy recently joined his first soccer team and has less than a week until his fifth birthday. I don't want to talk about it.
Nora: This baby is crazy. Still growing an unkempt mass of curls and it suits her well. She's the biggest ham I know and an expert at funny faces and banana jokes.
Chickens: Due to an unfortunate recent situation, our flock of six is now four. However, it will be 10 next week. Stay tuned! Until then, have a happy Friday, my friends.

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Katharine said...

"Grey skies are blue. The sun is warmer..." she says as 2" of rain plop on us. ;)

This was sweet. You are really a good writer. I enjoyed thinking about Spring and her grand entrance, but can barely see past the front porch through all this rain! Ha!

Jessica Bauer said...

Ha! I know! But I'm looking forward to those numbers in the 80s and little sunshine icons in next week's forecast. I am more than ready for the rain to be done.