Friday, March 18, 2016

Happy Friday

On the way home from preschool drop off, Nora gave an Oscar-worthy performance after claiming Owen reached over and hit her sweet face.

Yes, I said after. Yes, I left Owen at preschool.

It was one of those mornings. A morning that included a turn-around for a forgotten blanket, a pileup in the car line, and a backseat brawl with an invisible brother. However, it is the last morning of rushing to school on time because Spring Break begins this afternoon. Since this day/post started with a hectic Friday morning, I think I'll ease back and talk about a few things that have made me happy this week. Five on Friday? Works for me.

ONE Nathan had his final primary school parent-teacher conference yesterday and I'm pleased to report he's doing great. His teacher said he's a joy to have in class and she's loved watching him come out of his shell and start speaking up more in class. He's also still boasting all As. This year he has four subjects so his Grampa's wallet is getting a little lighter with that $10 per A promise.

TWO This morning after I got Nora settled on the couch with Paw Patrol, I walked outside to scoop chicken poop. It's what I do at this point in my life. As I entered the coop to make it fresh for my feathered friends, I noticed Nugget in a nesting box. So I stood there and watched her lay an egg. Maybe that's creepy, but it delighted me to see the process in action. She got an imaginary high-five and a real handful of treats. I repeat: this is my life, y'all.

THREE Yesterday was not only St. Patrick's Day, but it marked the 10th anniversary of this video. This video, placed on the Internet long before the rise of social media, remains my favorite link on the entire World Wide Web. There will never be anything funnier than the Alabama Leprachaun. Does anyone else know this? Does anyone else think this is funny? Does anybody know where the gold at?

FOUR Although our Spring Break plans are still in the future, thinking about them has put a smile on my face this week. We'll start tomorrow at the Jonquil Festival, where we will eat all the corn dogs and drink all the lemonade. Then on Sunday we have my SIL's wedding reception where we'll dance the night away and leave our children for a few days. We'll pick them up on Tuesday and round it out with a zoo trip. That's an eventful few days, but did I mention I won't have kids for two of them? Did you catch that?

FIVE Despite the fact that I'm thrilled about my upcoming baby break, my daughter is sure making me happy this morning. Every Friday it's just the two of us and we spend most of it wrapped in blankets on the couch, hand in hand. She even intertwines the fingers. I don't know when or why this hand-holding started, but it's just about the best feeling in the world. I know she won't always hold my hand, but for right now, this is happiness.

There you have it, friends! What's making you happy today?

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Unknown said...

Oh, my goodness. I did not know about the Alabama leprechaun!

Jessica Bauer said...

You. Are. Welcome, Rhonda Franz! ;)