Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Owen's Party: Pizza + Pals

I have to admit Owen's fifth birthday party was not very p-interesting.

There were no cleverly named dishes with cardboard labels, no games that took days of brainstorming and hours of creating, and zero time spent turning my kitchen into an on-theme wonderland. This year I politely asked my husband to pick up the phone and book a room at the local pizza joint. I ordered a dinosaur cake, grabbed some goodie bags, and passed invitations out to his friends. Then I put the kids in the car and showed up. And Owen loved it.

{Yes, even without the cascading streamers.}

Don't get me wrong, you know I love a well-styled party, but I figured it was okay to scale things back. It was nice to to let the employees do the dishes and I don't think I could get an air hockey table through my front door, anyway. Now that I've gotten my explanation out of the way and helped you understand why I only have oddly lit iPhone photos to share, let's move on.

Owen had several buddies come out to eat pizza and spend quarters Saturday night. He spent a couple hours chasing after friends from preschool, friends from church, and even friends found in the bloggy world - thanks for coming, Karen and Alicia! They raced cars, shot baskets, and tried to keep the skee balls in the lane {and Nora out of it}. There was constant commotion running through the game room, and I did nothing but catch up with mom/dad friends and sit back and watch.

Many, many dollars worth of tickets were cashed in for suckers and trinkets and the big ballers who earned 50 got a delicious scoop of ice cream. You can see in the above collage who was champion of the night {he'd probably also like me to mention he owns the high score for basketball}.

Owen was sad to see Birthday Week come to an end, but watching him interact with his five-year-old pals was the perfect finale. As I leaned against the arcade machines, I was able to actually see that my baby is now a kid. There's little sign left of the nine-pound second bundle who taught me about colic and cuddles. He's a kid, but he's a good one. Thank you to the village that has helped me raise him for five years, and thank you to the awesome friends he's collected along the way.

Turning five will mean a lot of things for Owen, and I can't wait to see what's in store. It's hard to let him go, but I'm ready to see how fast he can run.

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