Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Chickens

Sure signs spring is around the corner: there are boots by the door, seeds on the counter, and chickens in the kitchen.

Allow me to to introduce you to the newest members of the Bauer Bunch. Wearing springtime yellow are Sunshine, Lemon, Popcorn, and Hobby Pig {see Owen's birthday post}. The fabulously stylish girls in stripes are Cinderella, Beyonce, and Sofia the Second.

Yes, I have once again invited livestock into my house. But really, look at them. I ordered from Cackle Hatchery again and was pleased with their small order shipping. Our new breeds are Buff Orpingtons and Wyandottes. Seven baby girls plus four big girls who won't know what to think when I show them their new friends.

If you've been reading closely, you'll know I started with six chickens last year. Sadly, we learned a lesson in free ranging. We decided the girls were happier when they were able to explore the yard, dig in the garden, and eat whatever they could find. That is, until something ate two of them. It was either a skunk or an armadillo because both met the business end of a gun the night after the crime. However, the flock carried on. The warmer weather has them all laying again, and they seem happy to me. For the curious, the remaining crew are Nugget, Rover, Elsa, and Chickaletta. After a night of tearful grieving, Owen decided his favorites survived. It worked for me.

Back to the babies. I can say with certainty that I'm not nearly as obsessive about these fluff balls as the first time around, but there's a bigger fish to fry. And it's Nora. On Day One she was caught tossing candy and shopkins into the brooder saying, "Guess what, baby chickens, I have a surprise!" She'll also ask me in a very suspicious manner to turn around and assure me she will not touch a chicken. I can't imagine the terror these chicks feel when a gigantic head with even bigger hair is constantly hovering. She posts up in a chair and tells them about her day. She begs to hold one. She squeals and smiles and loves them more each day.

Jonathan keeps making a comparison to Of Mice and Men, but I digress.

The boys are smitten as well, and they'll be in the egg business when these girls start cranking. We look forward to the day they move to the coop, but I enjoy watching them grow for now. As long as Nora doesn't start feeding them table scraps, this household of 12 will be just fine.


Are you starting or growing a flock this year? Are you impressed by my family's chicken naming skills? Are you curious as to whether chickens like Sweet Tarts? Jump in the comments for chicken chat. It's fun, I promise.

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Unknown said...

So cute! And the chicks are pretty cute as well:)

Katharine said...

Oh, Mice and Men! Thanks for a great laugh!

We are up to eight hens, now, after letting a broody hen hatch a couple of eggs awhile back. Learning new recipes that use up eggs, taking stuffed eggs to church dinners (20 at a time).
Love the big hair, too!

Dorothy Johnson said...

Your babies are adorable, both human and the peeping kind. How fortunate your children are to get up close and personal with that pretty flock.

Jessica Bauer said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies! I think both the animal and the human babies are pretty sweet myself. :) Katherine, I know I'm going to be needing multiple-egg recipes before too long. We just try to up our egg-based breakfasts and share the rest! Dorothy, I think that's been my favorite part of raising chickens - having my kids actually know where their food comes from and watch the cycle of life firsthand.