Friday, April 29, 2016

Bye Bye, Birdies

I think we can both agree the birds shown above are not chicks. They are chickens.

With the onslaught of exciting new job tasks that did not come with an increase of hours per day, we've been behind on coop building. We decided the new batch of birds would get a smaller, grow-out coop before we integrated everyone, but it appears they did their growing out in my kitchen. Regardless, Jonathan and his helpers worked hard to get this thing built and there are now zero birds in my house. The only poop you'll smell when you visit is coming from my daughter and I don't think Nora's ready for coop training yet.

Armed with a truck full of wood, a head full of plans, and a pajama-clad son, Jonathan set to work. Obviously he still needs to provide a chicken exit and ramp combo. I'll give you a full tour when it's done, but for now they are locked inside. This teaches them where to go when the sun sets or when danger approaches {we need them smarter than their deceased predecessors}. Plus, it's roomier than the cardboard box of shame and IT'S NOT IN MY HOUSE.

These girls will be eight weeks old on Sunday. Let the record show this is entirely too long for chickens to be in one's home. The Buff Orpingtons are a bright shade of gold and fluff up to twice their size when the warm sunlight hits them. The three Wyandottes have proven to be the silver-laced variety, not the gold I ordered. They will be beautiful, though, so I don't mind the mix-up. As for the big girls, they are oblivious. The most confrontation I've seen is a slight cock of the head and a return to strawberry stealing. All is well with our feathered friends, and I like the new crew better now that they've been evicted. My heart will grow fonder when they start laying eggs. Pets work around here, y'all.

The moral of this post is: Praise the Lord, there aren't any chickens in my house. However, I put the chick warmer somewhere safe and I've been eyeing these gorgeous Lavender Orpingtons. When I enter Chick Mode 2017, please remind me of two things: order less and kick 'em out early. Have a great weekend!

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