Monday, April 11, 2016

Chicken Check-In

Someone on the radio said it's National Pet Day, so I think it's time to trot out my house chickens.

These seven little fuzzballs have been living in my house for about five weeks, and let me tell you, the charm is wearing off. They're still cute birds who will eventually pay me back in breakfast food, but things are different in Chicken Year Two. I've been giving more attention to the big girls who live outside, keep to themselves, and lay eggs without assistance. The house chickens are growing at record speed and pooping even faster. Keeping up with them is more involved than I remember, but this little squad will soon upgrade to the backyard.

As a matter of fact, we've already started introducing them. On a few warm afternoons in recent weeks, we have set up a chicken wire circle and let the babies do a little exploring. I can guarantee you they're much happier eating grass than hanging out in their cardboard kitchen prison.

The kids love watching them stretch their feathers and test their flying skills, and these babies can play a mean game of leap chicken. I will admit it's neat watching them grow so quickly {even if they do stink}. At this point they're roosting like pros, climbing on the feeder, and grabbing any opportunity for escape. It's becoming a common occurrence to hear, "Beyonce! What are you doing on there?!"

Maybe I do have a soft spot for some of these noisy creatures {looking at you, Lemon}, but for those of you eyeing the precious puff balls at your local farm store, why don't you take a peek at the following questionnaire to see whether you're up for becoming a chicken mama:

1. Are you okay with small chickens living in your house?
2. Are you okay with noises that range from angelic peeping to knock-down, drag-out scuffles in the pine shavings?
3. Are you okay with poop?
4. Are you okay with teaching your children not to eat chick food?

If you agree to at least 3/4 of the above list, congratulations, you have what it takes! For those of you who have already bitten the bullet this year, are your babies still inside or have you kicked them to the coop already? I'm waiting on warmer nights {and a bit more coop construction}, but hopefully these girls will join their bigger buddies before long.

Hope Monday is treating you well!

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