Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Happy Hump Day, y'all!

We made it to Wednesday, which is two days after Monday and just two more 'til the weekend. At this point in my week, I have avoided long post office lines, not felt the desire to bash in my work computer, and kept the screaming at my children to a minimum. Pretty good stats for a Wednesday. It seems like a good time to stop folding clothes and share a little. Indulge me? This overtired mama is currently...

Waiting on... VACATION. This summer marks our tenth wedding anniversary and we are celebrating with a responsibility-free week on the beach. And the days are dragging. My husband makes it even worse by letting me know exactly how long is left on his countdown. There's only one month, 22 days, 14 hours, 17 minutes, and 31 seconds until I stick my toes in the sand and let the fruity drinks start flowing. But who's counting, really?

Researching... I should offer a prize for guessing because this one is easy. Chickens. I am researching chickens. Today's Google entry has been "when can baby chicks move outside?" I've done this before, but I'm worried about integrating the little chickens with the big chickens. I don't want to have simply raised a free meal for the past five weeks. I've also been researching the growth of potatoes. Riveting stuff.

Watching... Modern Family. That is the show of the moment for this couple that doesn't do much TV outside of Nick Jr. I know I'm several years behind the times, but Phil Dunphy is the man. I used to think Marshall Erickson was the best character ever created for television, but Phil is edging him out.

Hearing... Nora scream bloody murder for the waffle that is a foot away from her. I'd post a picture, but the internet doesn't want to see that. I wish I couldn't see that.

Wearing... This new top from Old Navy I found on a Texarkana run Last Friday. I love spring/summer clothes. Everything is so bright and fresh and airy. I showed restraint, however, as I'm holding off for a vacation shopping spree.

Thankful for... My husband. I don't normally get gushy on the blog {anniversary-related posts withheld}, but this guy has been my rock, especially lately. He's going to be busier at work in the coming weeks, and this particular week our evening schedules haven't matched. However, on this very Wednesday we have many hours to spend together. I am beyond ready for him to be home! *heart-eyes emoji* {maybe three}

Have an awesome day, friends. I'm off to retrieve a waffle.

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Unknown said...

We love Modern Family. Every Friday, Hubby and I have a lunch date. We grab Chicken Express, take it home and watch Modern Family. Such a romatic couple we are!

Jessica Bauer said...

Your comment made me so hungry, Karen! I need to start a petition to bring Chicken Express closer to me. 😊

Unknown said...

Modern Family is a Wednesday must! And what is with these kids lately, they are all going nuts. Aspen has discovered a new level of screaming this week, the joys of listening to that.

Jessica Bauer said...

Shea, I would tell you it doesn't get worse, but we would both know I'm lying! :D Thank goodness for friend dates and margaritas!