Monday, April 18, 2016

Lazy Weekend

Our weekend ended up being one worth documenting.

No, we didn't explore a new place or tackle any crazy adventures. We stayed home.

I spent my weekend changing out of pajama pants into yoga pants and I'm pretty sure Nora stayed in the same purple nightgown. {You're lucky Owen is wearing any pants.} We had donuts for breakfast, pizza for dinner, and nightcaps galore. I can't remember the last Saturday morning where neither parent had a place to be and it was so nice.

We slept in, then lounged on the couch as long as we could get away with it. I think we made it until the first dirty diaper. Once we pried ourselves out of the living room, we did a little work, naturally. Laundry is all caught up and Sunday afternoon was spent mowing and tilling the garden to get it ready for those tomato plants. The forecast calls for a long, rainy week so we used the dry weekend hours to play outside. We let the baby chicks roam free {well, within the confines of their little fence} and made plans to get them a permanent home set up this week.

I did not leave my house one time this weekend other than the trip up the highway to grab those pizzas and it was more than okay. It's hard to find time to slow down so when I see it, I grab it. Call me lazy, but this time at home is sacred. From sitting outside watching my kids chase each other across the grass to counting stars in the hot tub, time together is my favorite. I love when I'm given a little extra.

How was your weekend?

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Unknown said...

I'll live vicariously through your lazy weekend! Ours was too busy.

Unknown said...

Had a very relaxing weekend as well working in our garden and relaxing chilling watching TV and sleeping in was a great start to my vacation now rain rain rain

Jessica Bauer said...

It's always good to relax, especially when you know you have a lot coming up! Shea, busy will be the name of the game for the rest of the week. :) Hopefully I'll get another slow Saturday soon.