Monday, April 25, 2016

Third Grade Day

Nathan gasped the other day when I told him he only had a month left at primary school.

Since the tender age of five, Nathan's been strolling the same halls, eating cheeseburgers in the same cafeteria, and standing in line for the same swings. However, he will soon leave it all behind him. Fourth-grade moves up to elementary school in this town, and Nathan says he's chomping at the bit to get away from his baby days. While I can't exactly tell you what third grade is like for my son, he is willing to enlighten us all. Before he graduates to greener pastures, let's hear from Nathan about his final primary days.

What do you think about when you first walk into the classroom?
I wonder if we will have fun that day and what we are going to be doing.

What do you see first thing in the morning?
I see my teacher's desk and her computer. She usually has a cup of markers and a bunch of papers. I also notice what my friends are doing.

What's the first thing you do when you sit down at your desk?
Read books, whichever ones we want. There's a big basket and we pick out one. I just read a little bit of this book called The Great Kapok Tree. There was this man who found a tree in the middle of the forest with lots of animals living in it. He was going to chop it down, but decided not to because there was so much life in it.

What is your favorite thing about mornings?
We don't have to do that much work. We used to do morning math, like word problems and multiplication, but not anymore. We do have science in the morning and I love learning about animal classifications.

What is your favorite activity to go to and why?
Music because I love learning about music in other countries and seeing instruments from other countries.

What is your favorite thing to eat at lunch?
This is hard! Popcorn chicken with French fries, apple or pear, and the chocolate chip cookies are really good. I get chocolate milk and a water.

What do you see and hear in the cafeteria?
I see ladies at counters, a bunch of people sitting down at the tables, teachers telling people to be quiet, and kids whispering to each other. Me and my friends talk about life, what's going on at home or what happened in the morning.

How would you describe a good day at recess?
I like when it's sunny and we can go out. A good day is when no one wants to swing because I love the swings.

Who do you play with and what do you play?
I play with Gabby a lot and we play hide and seek. My favorite hiding place is under the playground equipment, but she always finds me. She's pretty good at it.

What do you do in your classroom in the afternoons?
We do independent work, like word studies, language sheets, math, and quick reads. Quick reads is where you read with your teacher in the morning and you put a sticky note on where you stopped. In the afternoons we answer questions about what we were able to read. I'm pretty good at that, I usually get really far. One time I got 206 words because I read the entire passage two times. A word study is where we have these words we cut out and then we sort them into categories. The categories would be like E Drop or Second or Third Syllable Stressed.

What is it like to go to the car line?
We pack up at the end of the day and get our things ready to go home. We get in a line by the door and walk out through the office door to go to the benches. I always talk to my friends when I'm waiting. I like when you get there early, but sometimes you're a little late.

What makes a school day great?
When all we have to do is just a few worksheets.

What makes a school day hard?
When the teacher gives us a million things to do.

What will you miss most about third grade?
My best teacher ever! She's been my favorite because she's very nice to me and helps me a lot.

Why are you excited about elementary school?

A lot of people say it's going to be really fun. I hope we get to go to one class and do some work and then go to a different class and do some work.

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Ashley Ponder said...

I'm thinking their school lunch sounds pretty good! I'm glad he enjoys music activity. I'm a school librarian so I'm a little partial. This was fun and you will really enjoy looking back on these answers.

Jessica Bauer said...

Thanks for stopping by! I thought it was a fun post idea, and I know he'll like reading it over again in the future, as well. And their school lunches always sound good - I could have sworn he was going to answer with the beef nachos!