Friday, May 13, 2016

An Afternoon with Elsa

Last weekend I was at a youth conference with hundreds of teens saying words I didn't understand and squealing on a regular basis.

After that I spent two hours with Queen Elsa's biggest under-five fans.
I'll let you take a stab at which group was louder.

Like many other Arkansas moms, I attended Disney's Frozen on Ice in Little Rock Sunday. Though I may have been dreading wading past pint-sized princesses with giant buckets of popcorn, I will officially state the show was great. I liked the special effects and the excellent skating, but the most fun was watching my kids. They were glued. All of them. I might have rushed out of the arena toward my Mother's Day margaritas, but it was a good time. Here are seven random things I enjoyed about the show:

  1. There were Olaf hats. My sons wore an Olaf hat. My daughter wore an Olaf hat. My brother-in-law wore an Olaf hat. It was a magical time all around.

  2. Owen has never lasted through a movie in all his five years. It's either been too loud, too scary, or too boring. However, he sat in his seat for two whole hours as the history of Arendelle unfolded before him. There was only one bathroom break.

  3. Nathan, age 8, was the first to admit he didn't think Frozen on Ice would give him much street cred, but he was also the first to admit his shock at how cool it was. The wolf scene was even intense enough to get him on the edge of his seat {thankfully this was when Owen took his aforementioned potty break}.

  4. Nora did not hit the man in front of her with her wand, as far as I know. She did not lose her wand and she has yet to use her wand as a light saber. She gets mad props for handling her show merch so well.

  5. No kid choked on the popcorn.

  6. In the complicated sea of parents chasing their children and tripping over other children's princess skirts, Nora June decided she was done and threw both a fit and her shoes. This is not something I enjoyed, but hats off to the guy who retrieved both pink Crocs and handed them to me with a sympathetic smile.

  7. My bunch was the only party that included children and our group totaled 18. That in itself is a pretty delightful fact. I think the grownups had just as much fun as the kids.

Thanks to Nana and Grampa for the awesome Christmas present and ensuing countdown, and thank you Disney for surprising even the coolest third-grader with a great show. Nora wants to know if we can see Elsa again this weekend, but I'm doing my best to get her to let that go. Have a great weekend, y'all!

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