Monday, May 23, 2016

Art Show

The best part of wrapping up a school year is the day of the 30-pound backpack.

No, I'm not training Nathan for weight lifting, I just know inside lies all sorts of secrets he's been keeping. I open journal after journal to creative writing pieces, impressive margin doodles, and a page of long division that I probably couldn't do myself. It's fun to see what he's been up to in the privacy of his third-grade classroom and it's amazing to page through his progress. For this kid, however, my favorite thing to pull out of his end-of-year bag is the art portfolio.

Last week the whole third-grade bused to the campus they'll be attending next year, and Nathan was sure to let me know he met the art teacher. I don't know where this talent will take him, but I look forward to the classes that will become available to help hone it. For your Monday entertainment {slash proud mom oversharing}, I thought we'd do a little art show. From the pages of the portfolio...

Superhero Self-Portrait in paint and marker {he has the ability to transform into any animal}:

Rainbow Chameleon in oil pastel:

Mountain Sunset in paint:

Razorback in marker, paint, and color pencil {I assumed this was a coloring piece, but apparently he drew it?}:

Just a couple of doodles he did in his free art class minutes:

Today is Nathan's last day of third grade, and I can't wait to see what works of art he brings home next year. What have you found in your kid's backpack lately?

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Shannon Magsam said...

Great idea to share these on the blog! You'll be able to see this art anytime you like -- without having to dig around for it :) Love it!

Jessica Bauer said...

Thank you, Shannon! I had the same thought when I was uploading the photos - this is a much easier way to catalog his art rather than the overflowing folders I have stuffed in his closet.