Monday, May 2, 2016

Dear May

April ended with showers that paved the way for allergy-inducing flowers.

Hey, May! Being the least susceptible member of the bunch, I am happy to see you. Early last week, I felt the first slap of hot air perfumed with honeysuckle. It stopped me in my tracks and I realized spring will soon be summer. That strong scent marks the time to bury tomato plants, switch pansies for petunias, and spend evening hours outside. Early spring can be tricky in Arkansas, but May and I are close. Let's chat about why.

GARDEN Maybe you're sensing a theme when I talk about my favorite things, but gardening is pretty much the best. May marks the big one. This month I'll do my summer planting and fill up that empty swath of dirt, freshly tilled and waiting for roots. I've been drawing rows and figuring out where it all goes and the plants are waiting patiently in the kitchen.

WEATHER Aside from today, we have been steady in the mid-80s. As long as no tornadoes blow through, this weather is the best. It's not too hot to breathe, but it's the perfect amount of heat to prickle your skin and evoke memories of cold pools and fresh watermelon. Storms will nourish the growing plants and the sun will send blossoms into action.

SCHOOL Since zero snowflakes fell this winter {thank you, Jesus!}, the kids don't have to spend any June days in school. As a matter of fact, they'll be done before Memorial Day this year. While that means having to find new ways to entertain them, it makes me excited on their behalf. I loved the wash of sweet relief brought on by that one final bell. Also, a break from the gridlocked car line is always nice.

SHOWTIME While the actual vacation part of summer doesn't start until June, we have some fun up our sleeves this month. This weekend Nora June will meet her idol: the one, the only Queen Elsa. We're going to see Frozen on Ice and Nora's been asking daily when it will finally be time for her to let it go. There will be pictures. There will probably be even more merchandise. Wish us luck.

What about you? Are you dreading the approach of blazing days or are you ready to sweat? Are you cranking up the air conditioner or digging in the dirt? What's your favorite thing about May?

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