Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ode to Summer

It's all over, y'all.

This includes, but is not limited to: the rush to begin the morning loading process at precisely 7:35, the last-minute signing of agenda books and finding of Ninja Turtle shoes, and the endless debate over pink bow or blue bow. It's over. School days are behind us and this mama is welcoming summer with arms wide open and covered in sunscreen.

While Nathan brought home the contents of his third-grade desk last week, his last official day of school was Monday. Owen is still going to preschool but assures me repeatedly he is no longer learning , it's strictly fun the next few days. Jonathan and I finished our sixth school year of leading our church's youth group and celebrated the graduation of six seniors last Sunday. While things like laundry and feeding my kids/chickens are responsibilities that just won't go away, we have shortened our to-do list for the next few months. Naturally, we celebrated the best way we know how.

The Bauer Bunch took its first dip last weekend. I will count myself in attendance, but not so much in the pool. Daddy was lucky enough to draw the short straw and jump into the icy water beside kids who tried to convince him it gets warmer. Words they uttered through purple, chattering teeth:

Nathan immediately jumped into the deep end and asked me to make epic slow-motion videos. Owen is scheduled to take another round of swim lessons mid-June, but I have a feeling this will be the year he graduates. Nora doesn't seem to have the reservations her brothers did at this age, which does not surprise me considering her headstrong independence {nice way of saying stubborn}. She kept telling her dad to "LET GO OF ME" and he kept reminding her she would sink. Luckily neither of those things happened, and she enjoyed splashing until her fingers were raisins.

The Bauer Bunch has christened the grandparents' swimming pool {okay, the Bunch majority...}. We are ready for a summer of bare feet in the grass and sno cones drips on our T-shirts, how about you?

Friday starts a long weekend and our first official weekend of summer break. How will you spend it?

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Ashley Ponder said...

Oh how lovely summer is! I'm so excited. I have one day and 2 hours and then I'll be in the home stretch. I'm so looking forward to lots of swimming, ice cream, cookouts, and naps!

Jessica Bauer said...

Naps!! My husband and I are headed to the beach soon {sans kids!} and there is an official daily nap on the itinerary in my brain. Sleep is my favorite.

Rhonda said...

Oh, the morning rush. I don't miss that. :) Yay for summertime!