Friday, May 6, 2016

Registered & Ready

I feel like I just tucked Owen's birth certificate beside our marriage license and car title.

Now I'm rummaging through the lock box to grab it for kindergarten registration.

That brown-eyed boy will soon be my second kindergarten kid. I hadn't thought about it much until his preschool teacher told me school reps would be dropping in to assess the five-year-olds. As odd as it sounds to put assessment and Owen in the same sentence, I was excited to see where this kid fell on the scale.

After testing, he didn't make it into the car before spilling all the beans. He told me how he grouped bears of the same color and then counted each grouping aloud. He had to identify every letter the teacher touched. He said he wrote his name as perfectly as he could and proudly answered questions about his family. He knew he did a great job and his preschool teacher was quick to back that up. I have no worries about Owen's intelligence as he begins his public school career. My only worry is me.

The feelings that bubble up thinking about first-time kindergartners are old hat, but it's different this time. With Nathan, we were both terrified, but we were both excited. The first day was tough {and probably always will be}, but I was eager to see what classroom life was like. It was a new adventure for both of us and now I'm well-versed in primary school. Since I already know what's going on, do I have to give up my baby boy?

At the moment, however, the baby boy himself is ready to run. He yearns for a bigger playground with tall swings and more friends, and he can't wait to dig into what's waiting in the classroom. I'm not the only one who's had a taste of the primary life. Owen's paid a few visits to Nathan's school and he knows it won't be boring.

The kid in question is currently at my side, waiting to play Minecraft, so I'll let you hear it from the horse's mouth. His eyes lit up when I told him I was writing about getting ready for kindergarten. When asked what he's looking forward to most, he said: "Playing outside and eating French fries in the big lunch room and playing in the cool areas and doing a bunch of math tests. Four plus five is nine, do you know that?"

Owen's name is officially on the paperwork and will be placed on his teacher's roster this summer. I know he has more growing/growing up to do over the next three months, but I know those months will fly by. Soon we'll be school supply shopping and shaking off nerves. The countdown to kindergarten is on!

Is anyone else out there getting a kindergartner registered?
How are you holding up?

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Unknown said...

I'm already constantly bawling because L is about to finish her first year of preschool. I don't even want to THINK about the big K, even though I know I need to since we're going to have to do certain things to enroll her in the school we want.

Owen will do great! I can't wait until you post about his first day!

Jessica Bauer said...

I was like that with Nathan, Adrienne! When he finished his two-year-old preschool program, I was already crying because he only had THREE years until kindergarten. :) Obviously, we made it there and it was fine. Honestly though, it doesn't seem like it's going to be much easier this time around.

Unknown said...

I can still tear up even after all these years:) Now, I've been there with the grands:) 😂😂😂