Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Shopping Spree

I'm not much for stacking shoe boxes at the register, but give me cash and a row of greenhouses and I'll be good to go.

I've shared repeatedly that my favorite kind of shopping leaves me smelling like tomato plants, and that day arrived on a sunny Saturday. We loaded the kids and I tried to contain my giddiness. The local nursery is conveniently located about one mile from my house and greets its visitors with beautifully kept flowers, veggies, trees, baskets, and anything else your green thumb desires. My wandering eyes could devote days to each section, but I was on a mission.

I was so proud when Owen rushed ahead and stopped at the peppers to ID them. Good man, that Owen. I grabbed a couple of bell packs, my tried-and-true jalapenos, and a giant jalapeno type Jonathan wants to use for stuffing. I filled a portion of my flat and turned to the tomatoes. As I ran my fingers delicately across their leafy tops, their scent filled the air and took me to my happy place. Hey, you have handbags. I have vegetables. I chose four varieties, my favorite Early Girl and Super Fantastic, plus a cherry and a new-to-me heirloom called Homestead. My current garden sketch has room for 8-10 tomato plants. That sketch may grow.

While I could idle away hours sniffing plants and whatnot, the best part of this trip is enjoying it with my family. We're only there for a half hour, but it signals the start of a season in the dirt and opportunity to talk about where our food begins. They may not always ask me to read the tomato tags, so I'll do my best to educate them while I can. I caught Nathan reading to his brother about the herbs, explaining the process of using dill to pickle. I'm telling you, the summer plant shopping spree is an experience.

As for my daughter, who had big plans for pink flowers, she changed her mind when she spotted a play house. This house, decked with overflowing window boxes, came with a full kitchen and plenty of plastic food. We didn't have to worry about Nora while shopping, and we didn't have to buy any additional pink flowers.

We did, however, have to physically remove her to go home.

So ends another trip to the nursery to give me the tomato high I crave each spring. Have you gotten plants for your garden yet? If so, jump in the comments to let me know what varieties you have sitting on your kitchen table, or share your wish list. If you ever need a shopping buddy, I'm available. Happy Hump Day, y'all!

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