Monday, May 16, 2016

Summer Planting

"Our backyard smells like honeysuckle with a hint of cow poop."

There's no better opener for this post than the words Nathan muttered as he was spreading compost and poking seed holes. The weather was clear and warm last week, and we finally got our plant purchases into the ground. With Jonathan at the tiller and me leading a three-man team of child laborers, our work went fast. Team work makes the dream work, even if there are a handful of sunflower seeds planted in every row {see background of middle photo}.

{Nora wants you to notice her pea plants are now bigger than her. Be proud.}

We started late Wednesday with knees in the dirt and a plan in my hand. I planted two rows that held seven well-spaced tomatoes each and a row with ten pepper plants. This isn't much different than what we did last year, and if all goes well I will be happy to share. To give me a little more room to work with, Jonathan grew the garden to a 25x30-foot space. After a bit of back-breaking grass pulling, the rows were ready.

Nora, ever excited, grabbed the first packet she saw and began tearing at them with her pearly whites. "MOM! I want to plant my sunshine seeds!" She learned a lesson in patience, but I eventually showed her how to push the seeds into place. {I simply went behind her to fix the holes that held 15 extra.} Once she had the sunflower seeds patted in, her brothers joined the fun. I lined all three up and had them choose one veggie to plant. Owen jumped on his beloved cucumbers, Nathan grabbed the one and only vegetable he likes {okra}, and Nora rifled through the packets until she proudly exclaimed: "I WANT THE BEANS!"

One by one I took a kid and delivered instructions. I used my hands to show Nathan how far apart to plant the okra, and he answered, "Oh, so about a foot and a half." I looked at him sideways, wondered when he became an adult, and moved on to the son who was forming a mountain of seeds. Once I got Owen straightened out, his brother told him what compost was made of and I lost him. We carried on. Nora June, standing at the back of the garden in her rainbow dress, asked for her turn approximately 65 times. She clutched the seed packet tightly until it was bean time. She carefully placed each seed and told it to do a good job becoming a bean. I think we'll have a bumper crop this year, y'all. A lot of love {and a little bit of cow poop} went into this garden.

There you have it folks, summer planting is a wrap and now we kick back and watch it grow. Once things get moving, I'll be back with an update. Have you done your summer planting yet? Tell me what's growing in your garden and we'll chat in the comments. Happy Monday, y'all!

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Georgeanne @ Southern Fried Soprano said...

Nora is my literal favorite human on this planet. I wish I had a garden this year. I will live vicariously through yours!

Jessica Bauer said...

Nora seems to have that effect on people, Georgeanne. 😉