Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Aloha Weekend

This weekend we used a method to beat the heat one step short of flying north for the summer.

We went to Nana's pool, of course! Saturday afternoon my Aunt Sandy rounded up the family for a co-birthday bash for me and my cousin Diana. She and my mom did it up luau-style with delicious kalua pork, sweet-and-sour shrimp, ham sliders, and enough fruit to fill a stand. We even had a beautiful birthday cake with palm trees and maybe a few less candles than totaled our respective ages. Aside from eating too much and stretching our birthday celebrations as far as they could go, the best part of this party was making a splash!

The pool temperature read a delightful 91 degrees. Although that sounds like taking a bath, it provided much needed relief. The Bauer Bunch was ready as ever, even if they were a little too excited for the pre-swim group photo. Honestly, I do believe this a wonderful representation of my children:

Nora and Nathan stuck to what they know best: cannon balls and floating like a mermaid, but Owen was eager to wow the crowd with his new swimming skills. He graduated swimming lessons this year and showed his family members how he could swim the pool length-wise without help and even smile for a photo under water:

We stayed in the pool until the sunscreen started to wear off and fights over the squirt guns began to erupt. As hard as it is to convince this bunch to get out of the pool and into their towels, my mom made it easy work with the promise of bomb pops for all.

{As you can see, Owen is a big Popsicle fan.}

It was a great Saturday all around, and a birthday cake half-dedicated to me made it even sweeter. How are you keeping cool on this Hump Day?

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