Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dear June

You know June is my favorite month of all the months the Romans squeezed into a calendar.

You know it's my birth month, the month my favorite hydrangeas spring to life, and the month when the world slows down enough to notice and the air warms enough to touch. I've shared metaphor after metaphor about the vibrant colors that come with the start of summer and drawing inspiration from God's brightest paint strokes. Heck, you know I love June so much I gave it to my daughter as a middle name.

Today, though, is no day for poetry. There is precisely one bullet point in my What I Love About June 2016 essay. This weekend I will kiss my kids goodbye while attempting to contain my giddiness. I will get into the car beside my dear husband, point it toward Florida, and not even think about looking back.

Sure, I still want to dance on the summer breeze and all that junk, but it's beach time. It is kid-free beach time. This month will be the best month of the whole year, and that's why. Jonathan and I booked this trip in February and I can't believe takeoff is in a matter of days. Six nights and seven days with no children, no responsibilities, and no sense of time. Adventure awaits! {And also naps. So. Many. Naps. -- insert a big thank you to the grandparents here.}

You may be thinking to yourself, "Jessica! How on Earth can you leave your children behind to splash in salt water and throw back bottomless fruity beach drinks?! Won't you miss them? Aren't they jealous? Won't you worry?" As luck would have it, I currently hear the word "mama" being thrown my direction in the most agonizing fashion followed by two of the worst words known to man: "Chocolate Miiiiilk!" Any more questions? I feel zero guilt for this much-needed and dare I say deserved vacation, and I promise no one can make me.

We're taking this trip to celebrate ten years of wedded bliss. We need this. I need this. I need to save whatever sanity I have left, I need to feel like more than someone's mom, and I need to give all my attention to my favorite family member {don't tell the children}. There's no one else I'd rather have balance me at home, and there's no one else I'd rather have drive my getaway car. June 10 marks our anniversary and we wanted to spend it our favorite way - alone.

That concludes the one-item list of things I'm most looking forward to this June. Do you have any fun trips on your calendar this summer? Jump in the comments and remind me of the joys of June I'm drowning out due to trip excitement.

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Unknown said...

You are going to have So. Much. Fun.!

Dorothy Johnson said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip. Happy Anniversary.

Jessica Bauer said...

Thank you! We are looking forward to an incredible week of romance, salt water, and QUIET.