Monday, June 27, 2016

In The Garden: June

June at my house means extra chores, like keeping the grass out of the beans and the worms out of the tomatoes.

Unfortunately this June the fiery gates of Hell decided to open a little earlier than normal. This weekend was a scorcher, but if we want some veggies out of our backyard, we have to roll up our sleeves {and also maybe wait until the sun goes down each night}. Whatever works to pave the way for a July of tomato-covered counter tops.

The worst garden chore we've faced this season is keeping the weeds and grass off of everything. Last time I checked the grass stopped growing at triple-digits, but we are mowing on a less-than-weekly basis and I swear the weeds reproduce over night. As you can see in the image above, Jonathan spent his Saturday morning off work working even harder to fix this problem {he even made room to plant another row of beans and okra}. Unfortunately, I still haven't found a way to force convince my children weeding is fun.

I do have help in the work of tomato spotting, though. Every time Nora is released into the backyard, she heads to the tomato rows to see how many new babies she can find. She doesn't discriminate, either - from the teeny tiny green cherries to the hefty heirlooms. Every single find elicits a squeal and a quick pet. I constantly remind her that we don't pick tomatoes until they're red, and she constantly reminds me she's just hugging her buddy.

This hotter than normal summer will probably mean more watering than years past {only once or twice a summer}, but crops like the okra and peppers live for the days that could fry an egg in the chicken coop. As long as we keep water on the cucumbers and an eye out for spontaneously exploding tomatoes, I don't think this weather will be a big problem.

Time will tell, but in a few weeks I should be sharing my harvest photos and begging nearby readers to take some off my hands. Hopefully that will be the case rather than a square of scorched soil. So how does your garden grow? Have you picked anything yet? Have you touched metal gardening tools with your bare hands and lived to tell the tale?

Happy Monday, y'all. Be careful out there!

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The Gifted Gabber said...

That is so sweet that Nora runs out there to look for new tomatoes! We haven't done a garden in several years - since we were at our old house. My husband especially enjoyed gardening (me not so much), but battling those little bugs was a constant fight and more than half of produce was ruined. - Amy @

Jessica Bauer said...

The bugs are definitely annoying, Amy! The only reason I haven't planted squash in a few years is because the squash bugs drove me insane. :) I'd much rather borrow from a neighbor or visit the farmer's market. So far this year I've only found a couple of worms, but I'm sure more are headed my way. I really enjoy gardening overall, though - it's a very therapeutic hobby for me!