Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer {Dis}Order

Apparently Nora can cook now. If she could change her own diapers, we'd be in business.

The turquoise waters from my last post are a thing of the past. They've been replaced with waves of temper tantrums, cracker crumbs, and sass.

Welcome home, Mom!

Living without a schedule or children for a week has put a serious slant on reality. My poor husband and I have to change diapers and encourage dental hygiene and provide food. The HORROR! Bedtime whenever is no good, because waking the Nora Beast without a full night of beauty sleep is terrifying. Putting off laundry for one day results in piles that could hide my kids and eat-what-you-want lunch mostly consists of waffles.

Ahhh, it's summertime with kids. I love summer, but I'm not quite up on my game. I have been reading blog posts in which moms plan their kids' summer days to the minute, complete with zoo trips and splash pads and nature walks. They give their kids a television limit, earned only by completing chores, and they have a lunch menu taped to the refrigerator. I see photos of happy kids frolicking outside and moms getting to unwind with afternoon coffee and books on the couch. They're using their imaginations, they're folding laundry, and no one is bleeding.

What is this magic?

Let me assure you this is not meant as snark on these schedule-savvy mothers. I say this only to wonder whether A) anyone can teach me their secrets and B) there's anyone else whose kids may revolt if I tried. The real world can sting a little after vacation, but it's time to pull up the boot straps. I'm not with my kids all day every day {God bless the SAHMs}, but I have to bring a little order to the days we're at home. I simply need them to...

Be Cleaner: If I'd rather clean a chicken coop than walk into the kids' bathroom, something's wrong.
Live Offline: How do I get them to put down their screens when mine is in my hands just as often? Oh.
Go Outside: Sure, the heat index is already 100 degrees, but that's why God make Popsicles.
Labor in the Garden: Any idea on how to make weeding sound fun? Hey kids! Let's look for hidden garden treasure. I think it's buried under that grass!

Feel free to help a fellow parent. What are your suggestions to bring a bit of order to the chaos while convincing them that the real world is just as fun as the ones they create in Minecraft? It's time to snap back to reality, and maybe make it a little less messy.

Where do your summers fall on the chaos scale? Let's chat.

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Unknown said...

First, I am a stepmom and my husband's youngest is ten so we're kind of past the toddler/early elementary school ages. It's tough. I do have rules I printed out and put on our calendar board and she has to do them all (except Sundays) in order to have electronics and her phone. I'm pretty strict about what I buy for food and drink in the house, so that helps. I think as they get older it's easier, but maybe if you have a day to make a few things ahead of time that's helpful. I meal plan (and believe me, I loathe it) but when I actually use what I've made ahead of time, I'm all, "YAY ME. I SOOOO ROCK." LOL

Ami said...

I think written schedules work for those who work best with them. Each parent has their own style that works best. As long as at the end of the day you get (most) stuff done to your satisfaction.

Jessica Bauer said...

I think we are going to try to fill up the calendar with as many "as a family" summer activities as we can. Spending more time together should lesson boredom/screen time and (fingers crossed) be tons of fun. Meal planning is also on the to-do list, too, Heather. As terrible as it sounds, I think it would be a confidence booster to see it actually work. Thanks for reading, y'all!