Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer Friday Five

ONE: Did you know Nathan is a college student? As a matter of fact, he first enrolled at the tender age of six. He's been hitting the books for the past two weeks on the Hope campus of UAHT at their annual Kids' College. In a span of just four hours a day, he has created a model of the Mayan ruins, learned the mechanics of stage lighting and sound equipment, and studied binary code. Seriously.

TWO: Last Friday Nora was diagnosed with toxic synovitis. Thankfully, the word is scarier than the condition. Nora spent an afternoon at the doctor's office after days of hobbling and eventually being unable to use her left leg. She was tough through X-rays and a blood draw, with the help of magic Frozen stickers {apparently I need to stock up on stickers}. A combo of Motrin and stretching has resolved it and she's back to running at lightning speed. Whew!

THREE: June is almost over and my July babies are in birthday mode. Nora has requested a Minnie party, so we have been searching Pinterest for the cutest, pinkest ideas. I don't know the whole menu yet, but hot diggity dogs will be involved. Nathan just wants to hit the water park for his ninth birthday, but he did ask for a Minecraft cake. Not a cake decorated with Steve or Creepers, an actual cake from the Minecraft world. Clever, right?

FOUR: It's hot. It's already "feels like 110 degrees" hot. It's getting pretty close to "the chickens probably don't need to eat today because they're clear across the yard" hot. But we press on. We have sunscreen, aloe for the mistakes {sorry, Owen}, and a garden hose that works as well for children as it does for veggies. We have enough Popsicles to last at least a few days. Bring it on, dog days.

FIVE: I turned 32 this week, so my husband had me get dolled up and treated me to a fancy dinner. We sipped wine, ate fork-tender filet mignon, and watched a chef not set the ceiling on fire while cooking bananas foster. The atmopshere was relaxing and comfortable and the company made me feel like a million bucks. Jonathan snapped the above photo when we sat down, and though I don't do it often, I like to see myself the way he does. Thirty-two is off to a good start.

As for now, duty calls. One pile of laundry, one pile of dishes, and three wild kids are calling my name. I can't wait to sink my toes and worries into the pool tomorrow. What are your weekend plans?

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