Monday, June 20, 2016

We Love Dad!

Yesterday fathers everywhere were honored with neckties, grilling aprons, and golf balls.

We spent our day in North Little Rock to celebrate Jonathan's dad in person {after hanging out with mine the night before}. I'm sure we had a great Father's Day with our dads, but this post was written for the guy who shampoos Nora's curls and somehow makes Owen fall asleep. He helps Nathan with the math that goes beyond multiplication and with the life problems that go beyond the range of Mom. He's a big reason I claim the mommy blogger title and I want to share a few reasons why.

Jonathan is one of the best fathers I know and I can't fathom parenting without him, but let's save that mushy stuff. Today's appreciation comes not in the form of greeting cards, but straight from the mouths of babes. Without further ado, following are a few Father's Day thoughts from the Bauer Bunch:

Nathan: "I like my Dad because he's helpful, like when something makes me frustrated he helps me through it. He tells me to slow down and think about what's wrong and helps me find an answer. He's also nice when I feel sad. He makes me feel better by cheering me up all the time. He is also really good at cooking. I love his steak, grilled asparagus, and fried okra. It makes me hungry just thinking about it! He's my dad and he's my friend."

Owen: "He smells so good. I think it's his soap. I like him because he brings me chocolate milk in bed. At swimming lessons when I do something like jump or swim all the way to the ladder, I give him a high-five and he says something nice to me. He says I did a great job and he is proud of me. Also I love him because he knows how to make shell macaroni and cheese and cheese roll-ups. And he snuggles me in bed when I am being a nice boy."

Nora: "I like my Daddy because I love him. I love him because he takes me outside when it stops raining so much. He takes me to play with the baby chickens. We check them and throw worms together. Daddy gives me hugs because Daddy is my best friend because I love him so much. I like when Daddy holds my hand, but he doesn't need to because I can walk now."

Happy Father's Day to all the dads! Whether you're dealing with teens, comforting toddlers, or just waking up from a newborn all-nighter, you are awesome and you are appreciated. And for the dads whose kids are sending love from heaven, my heart is with you. You guys are incredible fathers, too. Please know that.

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Ami said...

Oh my gosh. What a moving dedication. Those are words to treasure. Happy Father's Day!