Friday, July 15, 2016

Backyard Beauty

The garden in our back yard is getting good, y'all.

The long row of cucumbers has each of my kids pacing, lifting all the leaves to see if they can spy the biggest one. The sunflowers are opening up and turning their faces toward the light. The tomato rows are full and we've already sliced up a few to enjoy that first homegrown bite {though the cherry tomatoes can't seem to make it indoors}. It's a gorgeous garden year at the Bauer House. We're still battling weeds and cursing worms, but this is the month we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Aside from filling my vegetable crisper {and my parents' and in-laws' crispers} with fresh cucumbers, this year's garden has done wonders for my well-being. I know it's a million degrees out, but as the sun starts to dip behind the trees, we make our way outside. The breeze blows the sunflower heads and Nora's skirt, and I like to stand back and soak in the view. This is basically a picture of all my favorite things:

Walking up and down the semi-symmetrical rows brings a certain calm, and all the tension that had built up during the day melts. As I bend down to pull weeds, I may spot the first okra pod growing. When I lean over to snatch a ripening tomato, I'll see a bunch of jalapenos ready to be sliced and pickled. There is joy in gardening, and I am thrilled to have a family that delights in it beside me.

Nora's quickly become a gardening expert, always by my side and eager to pick what she sees {ready or not}. Most nights, however, I'll look up from the garden and see a couple of boys through the back door, trying to decide whether the garden is worth trading video games for heat. It usually is. Last night I had Owen in the chicken coop collecting eggs and Nathan studying the row of okra he planted himself. Nora showed off her harvest and then the three decided to feed half of it to the chickens. Lucky girls.

When Owen found a cucumber we missed, you would have thought he won the lottery. He kept asking if he did a good job, and I told him as many times as he wanted to hear it. I know my garden is not much compared to others, and may not be as neat and lush as I want, but it's ours. We did this with our hands, and to me that's perfect. The heat and bugs and age of the plants will soon turn this garden into a crispier version, but it's a sight to see today.

Now if you will excuse me, I want to get out and soak up some sanity before the bees get to work. How does your garden grow?

PS: Let me know if you live nearby and want tomatoes or cucumbers. Seriously. Have a great weekend, y'all. Get dirty!

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Dorothy Johnson said...

Your garden looks beautiful to me. I especially like the row of sunflowers. I think it's wonderful that your children are helping in the garden. What a worthy family project. I bet they'll try more vegetables than kids whose parents don't garden.