Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Birthday Splash

The equation for a successful nine-year-old party is simple.

It's as easy as pizza + friends + water cannons + unsuspecting parents. Add that up and you have one fun way to celebrate! Nathan's birthday party was held on his actual date of birth {as amazing as this was to my son, I give credit to poor planning and booked weekends}. It was still one heck of a party. We invited a few of Nathan's friends to meet us at Diamond Springs Water Park in Murfreesboro.

This choice eliminated activities and decorations. All I needed was a cake idea. Both of my boys have been obsessed with Minecraft for months now, so it was no surprise when Nathan said he wanted his cake to reflect his favorite game. However, when I started showing him various designs featuring Creepers and Steve and whatever a Wither Skeleton is, he told me I was barking up the wrong tree. When he said he wanted a Minecraft cake, he meant it. Apparently this is a white box with red dots? I don't really know what flavor that could be, but that's what he wanted and our cake lady delivered. I was thrilled when his friends were impressed {and knew what it was}:

While it was fun watching Nathan joke around with his buds from school {and the never-ending loop of Owen going down the big slide}, Nora brought the entertainment. The water in this pool is only 1-2 feet deep in most places, and she waddled and swam and crawled like a boss. Unfortunately, this ended in Nora being the last person to obey the lifeguard's whistle at closing time. It made for a soggy, sad ride home, but pretty cute pictures:

Turning nine worked out well for Nathan. He had a wonderful time swimming with his friends and the next day {Nora's birthday - try to keep up}, he was treated like a king at Red Lobster. Prior to our shrimp feast, we went to Chuck E. Cheese for Nora's choice in entertainment.

A Lobsterita was not only a drink order, but a necessity.

Check back tomorrow for Nora's Minnie party details and have a terrific Tuesday, won't you?

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