Friday, July 1, 2016

Dear July

'Tis the season of brilliant fireworks, homegrown tomatoes, and super sweaty kids.

It's July in Arkansas, and although that means triple digit temps on the regular, it's one tasty time of year. Plants in my backyard are full of fruit waiting on the perfect time to ripen and I'm getting ready to jump into process-and-preserve mode. The mess has been cleared from my kitchen windowsill to make room for tomatoes and the harvest basket is sitting by the door.

July brings summer sunsets that fade into warm air and lightning bugs, a breeze that carries the scent of neighborhood vegetable patches, and the relief that comes with that first jump in the pool. Today I'm welcoming the new month in list form. Join me, won't you? What are you looking forward to this month?

  1. Favorite Thing: July may bring oppressive heat that will cause me to complain several posts in a row {sorry}, but I honestly live for this weather. Give me a 103-degree day over anything that dips below 50. Seriously.

  2. Planning: I am working on a plan to have 11 laying hens. The seven newbies should kick into gear this month and I'll be getting close to a dozen eggs a day. I'm thinking of looking into local farmer's markets or advertising on social media or simply ensuring my friends and family stay stocked in incredible edibles.

  3. Eating: Fresher than ever. The hot air has me craving crisp and light and healthy and I should have backyard access to such meals soon. Most specifically I am looking forward to sliced tomatoes with salt, fresh beans sauteed with garlic and onions, and so much watermelon.

  4. Drinking: I'd be lying if wine wasn't the central answer, but there's something about a mason jar filled to the brim with ice-cold tea and lemon slices sweating right beside me. Cucumber water is a favorite, too.

  5. Wearing: Not much {insert laugh here, but I'm also kind of serious}. Shorts, sundresses, flip flops, and tank tops. Sun's out, guns out, after all.

  6. Listening to: Snoring. Two-thirds of my children are excellent at summertime sleeping in. At least Owen will grant my "five more minutes" request a few times.

  7. Enjoying: Those crazy kids of mine. Sure, the summer whines plague us all, but July gives me time to enjoy them without hassling them about the clock. We don't have many plans this month, so I want to just play outside, eat Popsicles, and watch movies.

  8. Current Project: This first day of July is being spent like any other - scrambling to get ready for Nora and Nathan's birthdays. I can't believe my oldest will be nine and my youngest will be three in a matter of days. {I'll save the dramatics, though, as this means we are nearing a diaper-free life}.

  9. Hoping for: A bountiful harvest, of course. Things are looking much better in the garden this year in comparison to recent years {please don't let this be a jinx}.

  10. Doing: Nothing. My favorite July activity is nothing. Maybe I'll do nothing on the swing in the yard. Perhaps I'll do nothing in the air-conditioned haven of my living room. I could even do nothing poolside. Wherever I am, I hope to snag the opportunity to stop this month. We all need to every once in a while, right?

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Dorothy Johnson said...

I love July mostly in spite of the heat, too. I love fireworks, lightning bugs, the bluebird that visits my deck, watering my flowers early in the morning, ice tea, flip flops, shorts & tanks, going to the Farmers' Market and even the heat for a little while. Happy July!

Jessica Bauer said...

You and I have a lot in common, Dorothy. :) Happy July, I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!