Friday, July 29, 2016

Foodie Friday // Garden Update

The lovely ladies at Arkansas Women Bloggers host a weekly feature called Foodie Friday, in which local writers share recipes.

And would you believe I was asked to participate?? Debbie is likely unaware of how little I know when it comes to the kitchen, and I doubt she wanted a recipe for thawing nuggets or stirring mac and cheese. She had a motive, though. July's Foodie Friday theme is "eating our gardens" and she knew my thumb is as green as my culinary skills. I accepted, then turned right to my husband for help. We decided to share his delicious homegrown stir-fry, and used a version that featured produce from all over our town. You can read my narrative and his recipe on their site today.

Click HERE to read the post, leave a nice comment, then give it a whirl for dinner tonight. If you have a bag of rice, soy sauce, and some form of veggies and protein on hand, you're good to go. Kids can pick around what they don't like, and they'll probably accidentally eat a vegetable or two. Bon appetit, y'all!

GARDEN UPDATE // This particular harvest season has come with plenty of help, even if the "help" consists of sprinkling dirt on everything. Nora loves searching the plants to fill her basket and counting how many sunflowers are open. The weeds are back with a vengeance and the excruciatingly hot afternoons don't exactly make garden labor inviting. She doesn't mind, though. She thinks her garden is beautiful, and so do I.

With late summer does come new trouble, though. We have hordes of stink bugs and leaf-footed bugs on the tomatoes and they're starting to invade the nearby cucumbers. We have tried various methods, but we are still knee-deep in battle. Trust me, I'd love to share these vegetables with whichever humans {and chickens} can appreciate them, but I hate sharing with bugs. We carry on, though. I'll shudder when I see them, ask Jonathan to remove them, and pick tomatoes like nothing happened. It's easiest this way.

That's your official garden update. Everything is overgrown, leggy, and maybe a bit past its prime, but the bounty keeps coming. How does your garden grow? More importantly, how are you using your garden this season? I showed you my recipe, now show me yours. Seriously, leave me tips in the comments. Share recipes to use up tomatoes, pickling ideas, and maybe even a salsa or two. Don't be shy, show me what you've got!

Have a great weekend, y'all. Get dirty!

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Dorothy Johnson said...

Your children will turn into awesome gardeners because of the way they help you in the garden. Wonderful!