Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Minnie Party

From my living room couch, I have a clear view of a kitchen splashed in a sea of pink.

Streamers cross the ceilings, balloons float on the floor, and Minnie is staring at me from where my not-so-pink decorations used to be. We're in summer birthday hangover mode, so forgive me if I seem a bit drained this week. Every time I step into my still-pink kitchen, though, I am reminded of the fun that sweet girl had. Today I'm sharing some highlights from one bow-eautiful party.

Told you I was drained.

You can probably guess Nora chose Minnie Mouse for her third birthday party theme. This came with a lot of pink and polka dots. For both the birthday girl and her mama, the food was the best part. With the help of multiple viewings of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse {and Pinterest}, we threw together a great spread. We used Nora's favorite foods, hot dogs and Cheetos, and labeled them Hot Diggity Dogs and Pluto's Puffs. We also served a quick-and-easy cold pasta salad with veggies and Italian dressing to play into the bow theme. We added Donald's Cheese and Quackers because it was funny.

The stars of the show were created by Aunt B, known the world over for her Minion skills. She turned ordinary Oreos of various sizes into Minnie Mouses, complete with pink skirts. They were adorable, and they were the first treats to vanish.

Although Nora loved her party snacks, she had been counting the minutes until her Minnie cake arrived. She turned three on Friday and the party was Saturday, but she swore she was two until the candles were extinguished. It took her a few tries, but that girl got it!

As it turns out, Nora is one efficient present opener. She held out a hand, pulled out her gift, squealed, and handed it to her Daddy while the next one was placed in front of her. Nora, age 3, racked up quite a Shopkins collection this weekend. I still don't know what they are other than a match for Legos on the barefoot pain scale, but it brought her such joy. She got a tiny plastic lawn mower, for crying out loud. Someone please explain this to me.

After the living room was strewn in pink tissue paper, Nora led her friends outside for some swinging, sliding, and piƱata opening. We bought a less-violent version of Minnie, but it was still fun even if we didn't get to smash it. Everyone pulled a string, and everyone dove in.

Once the birthday girl said goodbye to her guests, Nora asked me to fill her new Frozen watering can. She guided me to the garden and watered her favorite plants {and a few patches of grass between the rows}. From a tiny growing cucumber to a towering sunflower, she picked the best and proudly poured. It was a wonderful close to the day and our peaceful backyard refuge was enough to ease the party-planning crazy.

Thanks to all the friends and family who joined us to celebrate the Big Three with Nora June. A special thanks goes to Jonathan's parents {you may know them as Grammy and Poppy} for surprising us! They didn't think they would be able to make it down due to Poppy's battle with ALS, but I know the smile that spread across Nora's face when she saw him wheel in was worth it. Thanks so much for making her day and helping us make this party a success. We love you!

Happy Hump Day, y'all.

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Unknown said...

I do love a party with snack foods. This pink party looks like such fun! What great memories you've made.

Jessica Bauer said...

Thank you, Rhonda! We definitely ate well that day. :)