Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Owen Network

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Parents of young children, I know you feel me on the YouTube videos. You have my back on the agony that is watching a woman with an untraceable accent unwrap Disney toys or line Shopkins on her counter like it was her job. You've watched dozens of blind bags, surprise eggs, and mystery boxes opened in slow motion by Internet strangers. I'm here to ask a simple question: Have any of your kids become non-published YouTube stars?

Lately my boys have been on a vlog kick, and unfortunately I know every member of the Hobby Kids TV family by name {I'm also getting familiar with the extra-annoying Skylander Family}. They're loud and obnoxious and encourage my kids to do things like squish a box of Sour Patch kids into a giant ball and attempt to eat it. Not exactly role models, but there you go. However, a new development occurred the other night. Owen, who watches YouTube Kids on an iPhone 4 with a cracked screen and no data plan, was taking a selfie. Then I realized he was talking. He was giving his "audience" a backyard tour, introducing them to his sister and chickens, and asking them to subscribe to his nonexistent channel.

I'll let the videos speak for themselves at this point. Side Note: I did receive permission to publish. I will warn that these videos were directed by a five-year-old who runs a lot and has no cinematography skills. They're shaky and hard to follow, but they gave me a good chuckle and I thought you could use one this morning.

PS: If you want to see what the rest of our days are like, head on over to Arkansas Women Bloggers, where I am still reigning Blogger of the Month. This week's post prompt asked me to describe a day in my life. Let's just say the end result was more humor than anything. My days aren't spent curing diseases or writing history, but they're real.

Click HERE to read the post and have a great Tuesday, y'all.

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Unknown said...

I think it's so cool to see kids vlogging! What a sweetheart.

Unknown said...

So cute! What a great way to encourage them to do their own work and express themselves!

Jessica Bauer said...

Thanks, y'all! This may or may not lead to an actual YouTube Channel in the boys' future. We'll see how well they get along on a joint project, though!