Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Brothers Back to School

A lump rose in my throat as I waited in a car line that felt more like a parking lot.

Yesterday marked the start of school for the Bauer boys and my first afternoon stop was fourth-grade. As my car crawled beside the school, I saw a sea of students. Some seemed much taller and more mature than I expected {I guess sixth grade does that to a kid?}. Then I saw Nathan's wide smile. His hand shot up in the air to alert a teacher to escort him over. As he climbed in the seat behind me and buckled, I let go of the only word I could muster: "So??"

To my utter relief, but not so much surprise, he said: "Elementary school is AMAZING!"

In the few minutes it took to get from his school to Owen's, I learned the chicken sandwich is incredible, there is a different mix of kids in his music class than in homeroom, and changing classes is a million times better than sitting in one room. This conversation was interrupted multiple times by Nora who couldn't fathom not being the center of attention, but I gathered that fourth-grade will be great.

We entered the familiar primary school lot and I noticed a collection of tiny backpack-clad kids. Then mine hopped up. I heard Owen shout "Mama!" as the car line teacher took him by the hand. I braced myself for the kindergarten report and all he gave me was: "I don't like learning."

You win some, you lose some?

The poor guy was almost snoozing by the time we got home. We parked and I asked all of my children to carry their own backpacks. {Yes, Nora, you can carry yours, too. Yes, I know you're a big girl.} Owen walked into the house, and I noticed a grin below his tired brown eyes. He opened his backpack and asked if he could show me something.

He pulled out coloring pages and showed me how he could stay in the lines. He told me about his teacher's behavior system, and said he was good today so he got to move to blue. He said he sat next to his best friends from preschool in the cafeteria, and he was brave enough to ask a teacher to open his Cheez-Its. He watched a movie at recess, and played a fun game in PE. Small snippets of kindergarten poured forth. "I think I did like my first day." Whew.

The rest of our Monday involved dinner, cleaning, baths, and preparation for the next day. Nathan had to give his class schedule to his teacher, so I frowned as I admitted I wasn't sure what specialty class he would attend next. He rolled his eyes and recited the full week to me. He's got this.

Knowing Owen would no longer be walked in by his Daddy, I went over directions to the kindergarten hall. He surprised me by describing landmarks I must have missed, and said he knows to find the Fox in Socks room. He's got this.

We'll hit bumps in the road we won't see coming, but at least my sons started on a good note. They were both willing to go back today, so I'd call that a success.

Happy New School Year, y'all! I hope your kids had a wonderful first day.


Unknown said...

Adorable! I love hearing first day tales!!❤️ These sweet days go so fast, don't they??

Maegan Clark said...

I hope your boys have a great school year!

Unknown said...

These posts always remind me of the many "first days" we experienced. I still get a lump in my throat:) I bet Nora will take charge of her room on her first day -- can't wait to hear about that!

Jessica Bauer said...

Thanks for reading everyone, and Debbie I have a sneaking suspicion that first-day feeling in the back of my throat will be there for many, many years to come. I get so nervous for them, but I'm glad it's going smoothly. And you know Nora will rule every roost she comes across. ;)