Thursday, August 18, 2016


If you ask Nora, she would say there's been a severe lack of curls in this space lately.

The start of school for Nathan and Owen has thrown a new routine onto the whole family, and she's starting to feel it. Nora doesn't mind waking up earlier to brave the car line {as long as I play music at the correct volume and hand her a cereal bar from the right, not the left}. She loves finding Owen on the kindergarten bench and she appreciates the after-school snacks. However, the shift of attention has my drama queen miffed.

With Owen and Nora being close in age, I've always lumped them together as the little ones, but that changed Monday. Now we have two students and their kid sister. Because we're only a few days into the school year, I have yet to curb my 3:00 enthusiasm. I immediately ask for details, and they are excited to share. Until they're interrupted...

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's not talk about days. We are TOO TIRED to talk about days, OKAY?"

That's a direct quote from Tuesday afternoon and a hint at who's running the show. Nora's crazy mess of hair comes with a personality to match, and being quiet while her brothers talk isn't on the agenda. However annoying that may be {and it is super annoying}, I keep reminding myself that I'll print three back-to-school signs next year.

I want to embrace her now, attitude and all. I want to remember the three-year-old sayings that get us all giggling. I may have August 2031 circled somewhere as the date of ultimate freedom, but I can't miss what's in front of me today. Here's a sampling of Nora-isms for you to enjoy on this drizzly Thursday morning.

  1. Nuggles: One day she'll stop asking to be covered in nuggles and we'll all be in mourning. Nuggles aren't just any blanket. This word only applies to the thickest, coziest blanket she can drag to her spot on the couch. And if it's not tucked up to her chin, it's not right.

  2. Women: For some reason the S and W sounds don't play together well for Nora. So when she says she wants to go women in the women pool, please note she just wants to make a splash.

  3. Weet: For reasons stated above, anything that involves "sweet" is hilarious. She'll tell me I'm a weetie pie, then quote one of her favorite Zootopia lines {"It's called a hustle, weet heart"}. My favorite use of this word, however, comes from Nora's favorite commercial. Thanks, Lil Sweet, for providing daily entertainment.

  4. Mac and Roni: Two different words, two completely different food items. Don't get it wrong.

  5. Fluffy: Every animal, no matter the species, color, and oddly enough fur consistency, is named Fluffy. I assume we'll have a chicken named Fluffy one day. When she asks me to locate Fluffy in the car, sorting through the menagerie gets complicated. Nathan recently compared her to Agnes in Despicable Me. Yep.

Have a lovely day, y'all. If you happen to see Nora, be sure to say I posted about her.

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