Friday, August 12, 2016


I spent yesterday with a handful of patient teachers, talking about peanut allergies, navigating an eight-period class schedule, maneuvering the car line at two different schools, and how my baby will have homework twice a week.

We spent hours registering Nathan and Owen for school, and I left more scatterbrained than prepared.

I was so overwhelmed, I didn't even join the legion of Facebook moms who shared photos of their students in decorated hallways. The Lunchables are already waiting. I know the route to school and the teachers' names {at least Nathan's homeroom}, but the buck stops there. I went to bed with a fresh set of worries.

How will Nathan memorize his schedule? Does he remember how to get to the cafeteria? I don't remember how to get the cafeteria. Will Baby Owen, who I thought just turned two, bring his agenda book home? Will he gather the courage to tell the lunch ladies whether he wants nuggets or a burrito? He's not ready. I have to teach him how to be a real person over the weekend. Why don't I have any social security numbers memorized? Am I terrible parent? I have failed everyone.

I spiraled into oblivion, as you plainly read, and fell asleep before the wine could save me. This morning my brain is still in overdrive, but I'm starting to fit the new puzzle pieces.

Nathan admitted to his teachers he's as nervous as he is eager, and that's okay. He has a schedule to learn to read, new teachers, new classrooms, and a new school. On the bright side, he's familiar with most of his classmates and he found out he was selected for the fourth-grade Gifted and Talented program. Owen took a minute to warm up to his new teacher, but then she introduced him to Martin the guinea pig. He happily smiled for her in front of a sign that read "kindergarten kid" and couldn't contain his enthusiasm when he slid into a desk. As it turns out {and as my husband could have told you before}, it's not them we have to worry about.

I don't share this to give you a sneak peek of my crazy {but, hello, there it is}, I say this because maybe you, too, are feeling blindsided by the adjustments of a new school year. Maybe I'm not the only one whose mind is racing with lists to make and worries to extinguish. Just keep telling yourself the same thing I've been chanting since our whirlwind registration: It's going to be okay.

They're ready, whether we are or not.

On an extremely related note, I'm thankful for the two unopened bottles of wine in my fridge. Have a good weekend, y'all.

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