Thursday, September 22, 2016

Guest Blogging: Kindergarten

Today I'm over at Arkansas Women Bloggers sharing insight from my favorite primary school kid.

We have officially gotten over the school year hump of progress reports and summoning the courage to get in the cafeteria line {it was pancake day and it was worth it}. Owen has been tackling his first year of formal schooling like a champ and while he'll admit sitting still is tough, he loves kindergarten. From the incredible books to the playground friendships, he soaks up every second. The September writing prompt for my favorite blogging group is learn and I was pleased to snag a spot. Because it's his story, I let Owen do part of the sharing. That may or may not be considered cheating, but I think they let me slide this time.

Curious? Click HERE to find out the best parts of Owen's kindergarten day. Leave a comment, too, if you're feeling especially nice!

It may still be one million degrees, but it is technically fall, y'all. I wish you a terrific Thursday. Go eat a pumpkin or buy a scarf or jump in some leaves. 'Tis the season, after all.

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