Thursday, September 29, 2016

Nature Walk

I walked outside this morning to load up my crew, and did an about face when the cool air hit me.

I pulled on a heavier sweater, and as we drove down the highway I watched the temperature drop from the upper 60s to fall territory. There's a spicy batch of chili in the fridge and the nights are just about hot tub ready. While our trees are still a fresh green, it's nice to walk outside and not immediately sweat. The air smells crisp and clean and dare I say it: I think summer is just about gone.

Nathan's science class is studying autumn, and they have been taking nature walks around the school in search of seasonable items. His teacher encouraged the kids to try it out at home, too. We couldn't find many fallen leaves, but the acorns and pine cones were plentiful. I also took a few minutes to document this point in the year when summer gives up. From Halloween decorations I most definitely didn't put up to the last petunia blooms, here's what our late September looks like:

How are you enjoying the cooler temps and changing seasons? Let me know!

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Dorothy Johnson said...

I've loved the cooler mornings and picked up acorns and pinecones on my walks. The weather will probably bounce back and forth this month, but by Halloween, we should have a true change of season.

Unknown said...

Autumn is one of my favorite season, for just about every reason you stated here. I'm so excited for the fall. Thanks for sharing about your nature walk. I enjoyed the photos.

Jessica Bauer said...

Thanks for stopping by, y'all! I know these highs in the upper '80s aren't exactly fall just yet, but the cooler days should be here soon... I hope. :)