Tuesday, September 27, 2016

No More Tonsils

Rule #1: Popsicle requests shall not be denied, day or night, rain or shine.

When you leave an outpatient surgery center with a prescription for your favorite treat, it's not so bad. Owen had his tonsils and adenoids removed before the sun came up last Friday. As terrified as we were going into it, we knew it needed to happen. The doctor suggested this procedure the second she watched the kid breathe. He also wakes up 516 times a night and saws logs inbetween, so Jonathan and I jumped right into the "this is for the best" camp.

When we made it to triage the morning of the surgery, Owen the Brave let his nerves show when a handful of doctors and nurses began explaining details and giving us a laundry list of what to expect afterward. When he slipped on a green gown that practically swallowed him, it was time to say goodbye. Tears rolled down his face and burned my eyes as I left him sitting in the anesthetist's lap. The half hour that followed was especially long.

When the doctor called us back to give the report, however, I exhaled. Owen did a tremendous job, and actually followed orders with zero tears and lots of hugs. After he took a few minutes to wake up, we turned the corner to the recovery room to the sight pictured above. Tiny Owen half asleep, chomping an orange Popsicle, and happy to see us.

Owen was an absolute champ. Every nurse we talked to was impressed with his courage, and made sure we knew to give him all the Popsicles he wanted. We made it home before lunch and got Owen settled in for a week of healing. While we were away, my mom and Nora made sure our kitchen was stocked with cold treats, delicious drinks, and a rainbow of Jello cups. They also made sure Owen had a bundle of get-well balloons.

Although we heard a collection of tonsillectomy horror stories from the moment this surgery went on the calendar, I have been pleasantly surprised. He's actually eating well, he's had energy to play, and he is doing an amazing job of taking his pain medicine around the clock.

Side Note: Waking Owen for medicine every three hours has cemented the fact that we're done with newborns.

We are only five days out from surgery, and I know it could get worse before it gets better, but I am just glad it's done. My brave little dude did a great job, and hopefully we will be reaping the benefits soon. Keep Owen in your prayers for his continued recovery. He's already itching to get back on the soccer field and back in his classroom {we have been practicing popcorn words every day, promise}. Here's hoping those days are right around the corner.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

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