Friday, September 9, 2016

Oily Mom

You've seen these #oilymoms all over your social media for years, right?

Moms rubbing various oils on their kids to cure a cough or morph them into angels who don't throw the remote at the TV when it's bedtime. Like me, you scoffed. Don't lie, you did. I thought nothing of it until a close friend started talking them up {*ahem* Ting's Mom}. I also saw a handful of friends in my town shouting the praises of their beloved oils. I got curious. I sent a local buddy a message and she sent samples. Non-toxic and might help me sleep? I gave it a whirl.

Essential oils cannot cure all that ails you, but if you're like me and wary of constantly medicating yourself and your family, it might be worth a try. Today I want to share my favorite oils because it's Friday and I like you. This is not an ad and I'm not going to try to sell or teach you anything. I'm sure you have a Facebook friend ready to give a lesson or make a deal, though. I use Doterra because that's what my friend sells, but I know Young Living is great, too.

Anyway, if you're interested, these are the oils that have impacted me the most in the few months I've used them. I am not a doctor. Results may vary.

  1. Lavender. They say this one can literally cure anything, but my favorite use is sleep. I diffuse it right by my head every night, and I can honestly say that I wake up less {except when Owen comes in, but that's a different story}. It smells incredible, it soothes itchy bug bites and eczema, and it makes a delightful bath. This is the only oil I've run out of and repurchased. If you start anywhere, maybe start here.

  2. Peace. This is the reason I bit the bullet. I can get... tense? That's probably something you've picked up on if you read here. I was a skeptic, but this oil is described as a reassuring blend and my brain was in need. And it works. I put it on my wrists, back of neck, and behind my ears every single day.

  3. Peppermint. This is slowly replacing the number of Tylenol bottles we empty. I'll pop some medicine if the headache is intense, but I'll also apply peppermint to my forehead and temples to lessen wait time. It's cool, tingly, and fast. Jonathan swears by it for headaches and Nathan says it helps him focus at the piano. Whatever works?

  4. Breathe. We diffuse this when anyone has a sniffle and it does seem to help. I will also rub it on the bottom of the boys' feet to help them breathe at night. We haven't completely given up on NyQuil, but this is an excellent addition. Also? It smells like Christmas.

  5. Melaleuca. Like Lavender, this is another one I reach for often. Melaleuca is simply tea tree oil and its benefits are great. I personally use it for toenail issues {TMI} and to clear oncoming pimples. I wouldn't be so blunt about these specifics if it didn't work.

I bought the big starter kit, so there are still unopened oils. I will try them, though. They may not be total cures, but there seem to be big benefits in those little bottles. And when it comes to keeping my head on straight, I'm willing to try. Now I think I'm going to slip on a little more Peace and see if I can convince a grouchy three-year-old to nap.

What about you? I know someone reading this has jumped into the world of oils. Tell me your favorites in the comments, and suggest a few more for me to try! Have a happy weekend, y'all.

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