Monday, September 5, 2016

The Football Kickoff

There was a bit of a rivalry in the high school stands Friday night.

There was no post-game rumble. Opposing band members didn't shout rude comments across the field. No one stole anyone's nachos, as far as I know. The only heckling my ears picked up was directed right toward me by Owen.

"Mom, maybe your team got more points but the score thing won't move."
"Hey, we have 46 points now, why do you only have 14?"
"MY team is the best team. They get a score every single minute!"
"In YO FACE, Mom."
"Can we leave early? We already know who the winners are..."

As I mentioned in my Friday post, an in-family rivalry came with the return of football season. The town we live in is known for its football program, and with good reason. They are frequently state champs and they turn their kids into football-crazed fans as early as possible. Apparently it's the third week of kindergarten nowadays. However, I stuck with my own hometown colors.

{Happiest football fans on the home side.}

We sat on the home side in my parents' section amid a sea of eager Hope fans. I haven't been a student at this school in more than 14 years {shocking, I know}, but once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat. I donned red and made my orange sons sit on the wrong side. They were confused as to why our town was sitting across from us, and why no one would cheer when their team scored. Nathan's attention turned to concession food, but Owen made the most of it. As the guest point total began flipping ever upwards, he made his allegiance known.

I have a feeling he made his hometown proud tonight.

He and Nora did spend a bit of time picking out Hope players they know from church and trying to get their attention. They are local celebrities, after all. Each time a player spotted Owen waving frantically, he'd laugh and shake his head at the speck of orange in the home stands. We lasted through halftime and had a great time together {despite the final score}.

We were all on the same page Saturday, though. We watched the Arkansas Razorbacks game with friends and the comforts of home. I like watching football, but the best part of this game was the food. We traded squished hot dogs for a buffet of our own invention. My favorite meatballs were a hit {throw cranberry sauce, chili sauce, and pre-cooked meatballs in the crock pot} and we feasted on Jonathan's famous meaty cheese dip. We also had homemade guacamole and a handful of beverages you can't buy at a high school.

Fun, football, and five-year-old heckling: a great start to the season! Did you and yours gather around the football field and/or living room this weekend? Are you enjoying today's weekend extension on the lake? Are you simply sleeping in? I'm working today, but we did snag a pool day yesterday.

If you have the day off, enjoy it! Happy Monday/Labor Day, y'all.

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