Monday, September 12, 2016

The Growing Room

There may still be tiny rocket ships on the bottom bunk, but this is no baby room.

This Saturday my family spent the day crammed into the boys' asparagus-green room {actual paint color}. The two babies who lived here when it first housed a twin bed and a toddler bed have grown into two students who have outgrown the space. We didn't have the time nor energy nor funds nor desire to completely redecorate, but we thought the addition of desks would spruce it up a bit.

Also, Minecraft posters. That totally upped the cool factor.

Now Owen and Nathan have two homework areas positioned where neither can see nor touch the other, featuring lamps with USB ports and bright orange chairs. To make room for these pieces, much purging took place. To my surprise, most of it was done by the boys.

They jumped into the hand-painted toy box Nathan received for his first birthday and started discarding toys left and right. I saw a three-legged horse named Lucky that had been buried since we moved. I saw stuffed animals that collected more dust than memories. I saw Legos that had been missing from a set since the box was opened. The boys whittled the toy stash down to where it all fit {semi-comfortably} in the closet, and the toy box is out.

{This is a terribly off-focus picture from 2008, but cue the awww.}

I would say it's a little sad to see this room go through so many transitions in the almost seven years we've lived here, but it would be a lie. I love watching these kids grow up, and I love a clean slate. Cleaning out kid rooms is agonizing to me {shout out to Jonathan}, but it sure feels good when it's done. Now I need to stock those desks with paper, pens, and fresh crayons to unleash the creativity for which we've made space.

I know this room will keep changing over the years {and may not always sport a very green coat of paint}, but I am eager to see what it becomes, and what becomes of the boys who live there.

Happy Monday, my friends. Outgrow your comfort zone, and keep going.

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