Wednesday, September 7, 2016


"I have a lost tooth!"

Owen has been saying that for months now, set on matching a classmate's toothless grin. He gets lost and loose confused, though, so this is typically a fib. Hellbent on getting one out, he has wiggled them daily to see if one would budge. Earlier this week, there was a budge.

An itty bitty baby bottom tooth looked a bit askew in Owen's mouth. He asked why his tooth was sideways and I told him it was starting to get wiggly. Those brown eyes grew to three times their size and welled with tears. He immediately started asking if it would hurt, if it would bleed, if he has to go to the dentist, and if he can still have chocolate milk. We managed to quash those fears. Then he ate tortilla chips in the car.

Driving home from my parents' house Monday, Nathan uttered two of the worst road trip words: "Owen's bleeding." Panic struck us all as Owen used his blankie to dab at his gums. Whether it was the chip or just a wiggly tooth, we'll never know, but the panic didn't stop. Owen obsessed over his tooth, ranging from enthusiasm about a Tooth Fairy visit to sheer terror of the unknown. I have a feeling he didn't talk about much else at school Tuesday.

Jonathan and I both asked whether we could just pull it out, as the tooth was barely hanging on. {Okay, Jonathan asked and then I asked Jonathan to ask again. Tooth pulling is disgusting.} The worried kid finally decided it was going to come out on its own, and lo and behold that's exactly what happened.

When I rolled him over in bed this morning, my gut instinct was to ask about his tooth. He sat up with an odd look on his face. "I think my tooth fell out and I swallowed it." When I saw the gap in his mouth, I think my face betrayed me because tears started to fall from his eyes. Not two seconds later, I spotted a tiny white tooth on the sheet. It indeed fell out of his mouth in his sleep, and waited patiently in bed. Kind of gross, but still: easiest possible outcome.

I have a feeling this was a hot-button topic in kindergarten today, too. At least his fears are conquered now. And he's no longer afraid of eating, which is a plus.

When the lost tooth was still a loose tooth, Owen discussed the legend of the Tooth Fairy with his sister. Nora said she thinks the Tooth Fairy will bring Shopkins when she visits. Owen said he hopes she brings $100. Nora reminded Owen that she brought Peppa Pig a coin.

I hope we get Peppa's fairy tonight. Happy Wednesday, y'all!

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Dorothy Johnson said...

I remember one of our boys have similar worries over a loose tooth. What did Owen find under his pillow?

Jessica Bauer said...

A crisp dollar bill, no more, no less. ;)