Wednesday, October 26, 2016


A few weeks ago, the topic du jour at our youth group was being courageous.

We talked about what it might look like to stand up for Christ, even if it means standing completely alone. Before we related the whole talk back to Jesus {and after we asked the youth to crack eggs on their foreheads...}, I asked a simple question. I was curious what required these teenagers to truly summon their courage.

They answered with things like asking their parents a hard question, going to confession, or approaching a crush. One kid said walking into school every day. I admire the honesty. While these run-of-the-mill answers were expected, we dug into deeper territory from there. However, as I was mulling over the night's talk, I started to think about my answer. What everyday things do I have to brace myself for?

Curious? I won't leave you hanging. For your Wednesday entertainment, these are the things for which I need to summon courage {and no, I don't just mean the liquid kind}.

Editor's Note: This post is not serious, and written purely to bring joy to your life. Carry on.

  • Dumping a cup of chocolate milk into the sink. A cup you found on Owen's desk. A cup whose contents are either liquid or solid.
  • Telling Nora it's time for bed. It's a process. One must reach deep down to pull this off without a fight. It involves assuring her there are no tigers, spiders, zombies, bugs, ghost, etc. in her room and a brief rundown of the following day's agenda. Whatever works?
  • Stepping foot in the gym after slacking for a few weeks. I am well aware that this is going to hurt.
  • Folding the damn laundry.
  • I pray twice before I sit down at the piano beside my son. Nathan's at the point in lessons where he probably knows as much technique as I do. This means arguments over what's right, and usually it is him.
  • Announcing that the delicious pan-fried tilapia and broccoli are ready for dinner.
  • Propelling myself from the couch to the kitchen to see exactly how many dishes my husband can dirty whilst preparing said fish and veggie.
  • Pulling my hair out of the drain. {Tell me I'm not the only one who dry heaves.}
  • Walking into the chicken coop after putting off its cleaning for a few extra days* {*could mean weeks}.
  • Exploring the refrigerator in search of a smell that's a combination of rancid milk and dirty diapers. Then noticing a bag of off-color vegetables bought with good intention.

In the spirit of all things Halloween and spooky, I am dying to know if what keeps you up at night? What would be your answer if I asked what commands your bravest face? Do you, too, turn white at the sound of a finished dryer?

Let me know I'm not the only one, y'all. Happy Hump Day!

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