Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Five: Halloween

Last night my darling bunch performed their annual scooping of guts and carving of faces.

It's not nearly as gruesome as it sounds, and it wasn't nearly as family-oriented as it sounds, either. However, Halloween is now in full swing as happy pumpkins rot on my back porch. Cheers! Today is Friday, so I think we should celebrate. In Five on Friday fashion, here are my favorite things about the spookiest time of year:

ONE: CANDY Who doesn't love a holiday that leaves kitchens overflowing with chocolate? My favorites are tiny Kit Kats, tiny Snickers, tiny bags of M&Ms, and tiny Milky Ways. Although I'm almost certain the word tiny doesn't help the calorie count when you eat a whole bag...

TWO: CARVING You may already know pumpkin carving is not my favorite. Anxiety levels peaked last night as I accidentally knocked one of the Nora pumpkin's teeth out, but once they're done and placed in the dark of night, it's worth it. Mostly.

THREE: CREEPY My kids enjoy being just a little scared. They love venturing into the moonlight, they stare at the scariest pages in Halloween books, and spooky cartoon specials are on repeat. While our horror films are basically Harry Potter and Halloweentown, kid-level frights are big here.

FOUR: COSTUMES I love seeing the local kids decked out in their most creative costumes. Monday night will likely bring dozens of princesses, cupcakes, and adorable woodland creatures, but my little darling will be a skeleton. Nora wanted the scare factor this year, and even shamed her daycare BFF for choosing an un-spooky version of Ariel. Rude

FIVE: COUNTDOWN Halloween is fun and creative, but it serves a greater good. It kicks off the holiday trifecta. Some years I am more of a Grinch than I should be, but I can already feel the holiday magic creeping in. Don't tell Jonathan, though, it's too early for Bing Crosby.

Happy Friday, friends! May your weekend be filled with ghosts, goblins, and too much chocolate.

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Dorothy Johnson said...

Love you jack-o-lanterns. They're just right. One year when I was in kindergarten, I insisted on wearing a devil costume my brother had worn the year before instead of being the clown my mother had chosen. I thought I was one of the boys back then though. I love anything chocolate and also love seeing some of the clever costumes. Happy Halloween!