Thursday, November 24, 2016

Giving Our Thanks

Today is not only the meager turkey's brightest spotlight, it's a great day to slow down.

When this post publishes, I'll probably be brushing Nora's bountiful curls and helping her decide between pink bow and blue bow. I'll be asking Owen to put on his shoes for the fifth time in a row, and reminding Nathan to brush his teeth. If all goes to plan, we will be well-rested and eager to load into the car and drive over the river and through the woods {read: down the highway} to my parents' house.

As I'm going through my mental checklist to make sure everyone's ready, it will feel like any other day. However, Thanksgiving Day gives us a fantastic reminder. I am so thankful to have life swirling around me, even if typically at rapid speed. The blessings in my life are immeasurable, but it's time to slow down and count them one by one.

Happy Thanksgiving, from me and my people to you and yours.

Speaking of my people, it wouldn't be a Bauer Family Thanksgiving post if I didn't do a bit of interviewing. Below are a few shots from this year's family photo session {Bright Images} along with everyone's word-for-word answer to the most appropriate of all holiday questions: "What are you thankful for?

Age: 33
Thankful For: "The love of the most beautiful woman in the world {awww!}. Ophthalmologists so I can see. Chicago Cubs for winning the World Series."

Age: 32
Thankful For: "I am thankful for my faith. Faith literally brought me to the love of my life by way of a youth convention circa 1998. Faith has carried me through my darkest times and celebrated my best. Faith has allowed me to stand with the next generation and taught me about both religion and relationship. I thank God for every second I've seen and every second to come.

And also Jonathan. And my kids. And wine..."

Age: 9
Thankful For: "I am thankful for my family because they’re really special to me. I am also thankful for everything that I have, like my house, my tablet, and clothes. I know I am lucky to have that stuff. I am also thankful for my books because I like to read them and picture things and places in my head while I’m reading. One more: I am thankful for my brother because he’s awesome."

Age: 5
Thankful For: "I am thankful for my Daddy because I like his snuggles. I am thankful for my Mom because I love her. I am thankful for my toys because I like playing with them, especially my big dinosaur because it’s really fun and loud. And also chocolate milk because it tastes really good."

Age: 3
Thankful For: "Thankful for Nana and Grampa because I love them. Thankful for hot dogs because I like to eat them. Ummmm... thankful for donuts because they are so yum and Mrs. Keri buys them for us when we are on the good list."

If you're still waiting on the turkey to come out of the oven or the last cousin to stroll through the door, how about a little more reading material?

In searching back, I'm noticing a trend in my daughter's answers... Check out last year's answers here, the post from 2014 here, the post from 2013 here, the post from 2012 here, and the post from 2011 here. It's fun to see how much my family has changed over the years {and how their thankful thoughts have grown}. Have a wonderful holiday, friends!

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Brenda/the blonde gardener said...

That is so sweet and a great idea.

Jessica Bauer said...

Thank you! It's been so fun to look back over the years, and it's always interesting to hear what the kids come up with... :)