Monday, November 28, 2016

Light It Up

I spent many hours of my youth climbing across my parents' roof like a spider monkey, staple gun and string of lights at the ready.

So who was I to be surprised when my daughter spent her weekend at the top of a ladder, passing plastic clips to her Daddy? The kids had been looking forward to putting up the outside lights as soon as the tree came out of the box. We utilized the dry {although cold} weather to turn our house into an explosion of Christmas color. That is, if stringing lights along the front of the house and across the swing set counts. Still, every child bravely contributed to the project's success.

I can't remember when my family traded colored bulbs for classic white, but seeing my kids decorate our house in complete gingerbread style takes me back. Two decades ago I would pair my sturdiest tennis shoes with my best sweatshirt and pajama pants {probably not the most slip-proof outfit, but I managed}. When my lines were decent enough to pass inspection, I'd sit on the roof and admire my handiwork. I'd feel the chill in the air as it made its way through the tops of the pines, and snag all the extra minutes I could. No one has scurried across our roof {not yet, at least}, but I loved watching my kids remake the memories that have stuck with me for so long.

We were so pumped about lighting up the night with Christmas, these kids didn't bat an eye when their Grammy enlisted their help while we were visiting Saturday afternoon. Last year Grammy and Poppy swept the competition in their apartment complex's decoration contest. Owen said if they don't take home the win again, it's fixed. Now, this is a Christmas explosion:

The kids stayed on their Christmas high, and capped the weekend by hanging ornaments on my parents' tree. We saw everything from a 35-year-old "First Christmas" ornament to my eight-year-old face on a glittered pine cone {seriously}. Once Nora had her favorite ornaments at eye-level, we went home to see our lights in all their glory and snuggled up on the couch with hot bowls of potato soup.

It was a darn good start to the season, if I do say so myself. How was your weekend?

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Unknown said...

Such cute photos! We've never put lights up outside the house, but it seems like such a fun tradition.