Monday, November 7, 2016

Thankful for Him

{I almost titled this Thank You for Being A Friend. You're going to want to click that.}

It's not Thankful Thursday, but I'd like to give credit where it's due.

And believe me, it is due.

Last week wasn't my favorite week. Don't get me wrong, Halloween was a lot of fun and I had a blast watching my kids scoop up all candy in sight. Owen had a banner week with a lost tooth and a fantastic soccer game, and Nathan came home from his piano lesson with two songs to perform in the Christmas recital. Nobody broke a bone or too big of a rule, and we came out relatively unscathed. The bad part was that everyone was really just missing their Dad.

Jonathan was in New Orleans on business for a mere four days last week, and it was enough to make an impact on all of us. I know his job means more business trips and more meetings in the coming years. But that's later. Today I want to share why I was so thankful to hear that door unlock late Thursday night.

With my kids constantly yelling Mom! in any and all directions and my own Mom hanging out to save my sanity, it feels off to say I was lonely. However, I was lonely. It was more than just needing an extra body in the house, though. I missed the little things like laughing at Modern Family reruns and having him sneak in my coffee while I shower. I missed seeing his truck turn onto the gravel and slinging open the door before he could get to the handle. I missed his warmth in the bed {my feet are never not cold}. I missed him checking locks, and double-checking the kids each night. I even missed his clothes in the hamper. Lovesick, I tell you.

While Jonathan was away, I second-guessed everything I did. If you have ever heard me talk out loud, you will probably know I tend to lean toward self-doubt. This is a thing in my life that I work on, but Jonathan balances me. He builds me up and he holds me strong in all the places I need it.

Another big detail: Owen doesn't like the way I snuggle. He told me flat out. He also let me know I definitely didn't smell like his Dad. He still loves me and he slept like an angel, but it was made known I was second string.

I know how lucky I am to have this guy in my life. Jonathan is my clarity and his absence makes an impact, even if it's just four days. Time is promised for no one, so I want to thank him today and every day. His presence makes a huge difference, even in the smallest ways. I am so happy he's home.

Oh, and Owen is, too. Snuggle time is back to normal.

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